The first room we worked on to make it a liveable space within a house that looked like a construction site. Everything was upside down. As soon as we got the keys to our new house, we started our ´demolition’. I was so eager to start, I didn’t even have pictures of the before. So I’ll just show you the sales pictures.


how it used to be


how it used to be


I couldn’t wait to start tearing down the ugly wallpapers. I have never seen such a horrible job done. Every strip was overlapping the other, and in some rooms the patterns didn’t meet. Not to mention all the flappy, peeling edges. They didn’t even mind to cut the paper at the bottom end. Which meant I had to remove the flooring first, because the paper was stuck to the carpet, which was covered by a laminate floor.

But the biggest shock was the most likely reason why the house was smelling so bad. When I removed the laminate flooring throughout the house, the carpet that lay underneath, was covered with an endless amount of stains. There even was dried up faeces on the carpet, squashed by the laminated floor. From that moment on, I used gloves and a dust cover. It was just too gross.

And then the fun started. I painted the bedroom walls in a beautiful blue-ish green.




And I wanted a diamond shaped relief on the wall where the headboard would be. Which seemed a lot easier in my head than it actually was. It turned out to be quite a math project, and that is just not my forte. Thank god for Ramon. Although I don’t believe he was just as excited about my diamond shape relief, as I was. Even so, I was stoked after we finished applying the strips onto the wall, exactly as he calculated. It was just like I imagined it would be. Awesome!!!




trunk of car


A few weeks back we finished the room completely,


building a wall


by adding two small walls, to divide the room in two, and build a walk in closet.


plastered wall


All this time, our clothes and shoes were still in boxes, because we didn’t have a closet. Ramon designed the closet all by himself. I don’t care much for clothes or shoes, or accessories for that matter, so a normal sized closet would have been fine by me. But Ramon’s shoe and clothing collection exceeds mine by far, so he wanted a closet where all his shoes were easy to pick, and his clothes had enough room to breathe.


light and bright


finished closet space


Together with my sense of style and detail, it is the most beautiful walk in closet I have ever seen in my life!




I don’t even mind there is no door between the rooms. I’ve decorated it with Art Deco elements that I use throughout the entire house. It matches up perfectly.


pretty art deco


I love it so much; every time I go to bed, I ask Ramon to turn the lights out when he sees me sleep, because I want to stare at our creation till I fall asleep.


at night