I had a rough night. I was dreaming and scheming. When it was almost at the break of dawn, I had at least a 1001 plans on how I would take over the world this Sunday together with Kuzco and Malha. Ramon had to leave at lunchtime for a biker ride with my dad. But the thing with remembering your dreams after you wake up, is that you have to be totally focused on your last memory, otherwise you lose all grip on what seemed to be a totally logical story, and everything starts to crumble into in incoherent pieces.



That’s what happened to me. I woke up, and got lost in the wonderful feeling of a cozy snuggling Sunday morning, where Malha still got to hold her morning o’wee’cean till half past eight, and everybody was still snoring and drooling whilst fast asleep.



So I could calmly catheterize, without an audience sitting in front of me, and made a large cup of coffee to take back to bed together with a nice book to read. And then I remembered I wanted to remember something. Something that would make me try to take over the world today. But I just couldn’t remember….

And I couldn’t let go either….

I couldn’t focus on my book anymore. What were all those marvelous plans I dreamed about?

I decided to make us breakfast, and still tried to be half awake, and half asleep. So breakfast in bed was the right conclusion. Maybe all those great ideas would start coming to surface when I doze off against Ramon after a warm bowl of oatmeal.

But breakfast in bed has really been a life time away, and we certainly did not have the opportunity to do so when we got Malha. So both Kuzco and Malha were in awe.



What is this???? What a lovely way to share all your deliciousness!






Aaaaaand, awake….



So out of bed, running outside with Malha to release the golden ocean onto the grass, and then start the day.

But what to do?

So after an agility course throughout the house, playing with Kuzco and Malha, I could almost cry of the exhaustion hitting me hard running through the house as a goofy entertainer. So I decided we should dress up, and show our coolness to the dog/people in the park. I quickly brushed Kuzco and Malha’s hair, and put on my shades of utter coolness, to not show my exhaustion, together with my newly handmade coat that is just bling! We looked grrrreat!




That was it!!!

I would get my tired shit-ass together, and act as if we own the place. Driving down to the park with Kuzco and Malha on my mobility scooter and park it next to a bench, where it would seem I have all the energy of the world, playing fetch with Kuzco and let Malha inspect and extract every clump of grass.



It was a wonderful Sunday funday, even though my body was so tired, and my brain wanted to do so much more.