noordwijk aan zee


We are the coast people. When we get invited to join a nice winters walk, with a big bowl of hot steamy split pea soup afterwards, we certainly do not let a little breeze of 6/7 Beaufort, stop us.


beach sign


We went to Noorwijk aan Zee, where my uncle lives, and started our walk on the beach. The wind made everybody young again, and any appointments that were made with the beautician in the upcoming week, could be cancelled, cause it was a deep pore cleansing along the way.

Off course I didn’t bring any beany with me, cause this little breeze wouldn’t cause any extra stress on my head at all.


I was so glad my aunt put her scarf around my forehead. Comfort before fashion.


joyce and ramon


But I was even happier when our walk continued through the dunes. There were actually moments I could hear someone speak, instead of only seeing lips move.




I love walks like these, when walking through the dunes. Where the wind in your face makes your mind clear again. And the cold air makes your nose drip. But the kind of storm where you cannot breath unless you stick your face in your armpit, and need goggles to see where you are walking, is a little on the rough side for me. So lucky for me,  the beach was the first and shortest part of the walk. When we arrived at my uncles home again, we had cozy get together with lots of stories and laughter. And a big bowl of hot steamy split pea soup and chunks of bread to finish a perfect day. It was good seeing my uncle again.