I’ve added something to my bucket-list.

I want to go to a Cosplay event, doesn’t matter which one, and go as Wonder Woman, wig and all.



We went to Comic Con in Amsterdam yesterday. We both loved it, but we were a little disappointed about the scale of it. We expected something bigger, something a little like we experienced in Italy with the Unicorn Festival.

But never the less, we saw the most amazing costumes, we wanted to buy like a hundred different T-shirts, and drooled over some very cool prop items. Instead of actually buying one hundred T-shirts, we bought one T-shirt for Ramon and one pair of socks for me. I just couldn’t resist. A pair of Wonder Woman socks with a tiny red cape attached to it. This simply screamed my name;

Joyce… you have to buy us so you add some superpower in the gym.’

Hmmmmm….well, I could use some extra superpower in the gym indeed. Does it show so badly I feel too tired and much pain to train, and my body wants to give in to the  marshmallow attitude?

Within a nanosecond, my thoughts turned into a need. I just needed to buy these socks!!! Nothing more to it!

So I did.



And the moment I touched them, I could feel tiny sparks of superpower entering my fingertips. Wowwwww…… It really works…… I can’t wait to wear them when I go to the gym again to train!

While we laughed about the silly costumes, smiled about the cute toddlers in costumes, and let out simultaneous gasps of admiration on some of the costumes, I was inspired to want to wear a costume myself. This would be a great opportunity to step out of my comfort zone, and actually walk like a superhero instead of dreaming about it.



I told Ramon of my new item on my bucket list, and almost immediately he replied with a huge smile. ‘Great! I will come with you!! I will need to find a big blue spandex onesie then.’ And started to Google on his phone.

‘Blue onesie????

Who would you want to be dressed like?’ I couldn’t think of anyone who wears a blue spandex onesie.

‘The Tick off course!!!’ he said with a big smile.



I couldn’t stop laughing for at least five minutes, then my belly started to hurt really bad. And even during the day, when the image of Ramon wearing a shining blue spandex onesie with two antennas on his head, popped into my head, I had to laugh out loud. Now I really can’t wait to make a costume for a Cosplay. But now I just will make two costumes… one Wonder Woman costume, and one shining blue onesie with antennas.