gerard kleine


Just amazing. That’s the only thing I can say about it.

A while back I recognized a painting of my grandfather. It was in the background of an old picture of somebody I know. He was a former gym owner. My father used to train in his gym when he was younger, and they knew each other pretty well. My grandfather painted this painting for him for a special occasion. I asked if it was indeed my grandfather’s painting, and he immediately told me all kinds of stories from back in the days.

A few weeks later he send me a message telling me he retrieved the painting that was stored in somebody else his storage. He told me he dropped it off at the gym my father and I train at, when my dad had a board meeting there. He thought we would appreciate it, to have my grandfather’s masterpiece back into the family. So I could have it. The only thing he would like in return, is to see a post on Facebook, where the painting will hang.

I was simply amazed when I saw it for real. It was even more beautiful than I remembered seeing at the photo. The canvas is slightly damaged, which I will repair, clean it, and give it a new coat of varnish. Ramon already offered to make a frame for it. And when it’s finished, it can be pretty again making it an attractive detail in our interior. But to me personally, it will be my object of happy memories of my favourite grandfather, and the most stimulating mentor. I am proud to have such an amazing painting of my grandfather in my possession.

Now to find a perfect spot for it to hang….