sowing machine


Being sick isn’t cheap. That much made clear again last month. I always have to keep myself from feeling guilty. It doesn’t feel like money well spent, it is sucking us dry, and gives little in return. Except a conscious mind that all is paid for again. So this month we have to mind our spending’s a little bit more than usual. And ironically enough, at moments like this, everything brakes down, falls apart, or runs out.

Just like my lifting hooks. They are not that expensive, but every saving counts. So I put the plug in my sowing machine, and made it work its wonders. Hopefully it’s strong enough to stay put, at least for a few months. Then I will buy some new ones, because they are a vital tool in being able to hold the weights. And who knows, maybe at that time, I will be able to purchase the Isolator cufflinks. They are specially designed to eliminate the unnecessary stress on your hand, wrists or joints. We shall see. But first try my fixed lifting hooks tomorrow.