joyce and kuzco


Classic movie day. I’m not feeling quite well today. I’m peeing blood again, so I decided to finish my story in making it a nursery rhyme, post it online, close the curtains, crash on the couch, make a huge pot of goldenrod tea, and watch old movies. Kuzco joined me and snuggled against me. I love old movies. I’ve been watching them all week, since Ramon is home late every day. ‘That touch of mink’ with Doris Day and Rock Hudson was on Monday. ‘An American in Paris’ with Gene Kelly on Tuesday. Wednesday ‘Please don’t eat the daisies’ with Doris Day. And today Ingrid Bergman and Cary Grant in ‘Indiscreet’. They are definitely not on the Men’s Journal list of ‘The 50 Best Guy Movies of All-Time’. And to support that list, Kuzco made it clear that it is not his choice of movies either. For 15 minutes he watched with me, and then he fell asleep. After 45 minutes he snored so loud, I had to poke him to stop. Then we watched ‘101 Dalmatians’, and guess what? Awake during the whole movie! Even jumped of the couch to sit even closer to the screen, when the Twilight Bark began. So we can be sure that if there ever was a list for ‘Best Dog Movies of All-Time’, this one will be on it.


kuzco watching 101 dalmatiens