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Work in Progress


joyce and kuzco


Still exhausted, and more background seizures than usual. Even so, it was a productive day with lots of laughter. We held a miniature photoshoot. I wanted some pictures of me and Kuzco laying on the ground covered with drawings. Kuzco is very photogenic, when he sees the camera, and he is in a good mood, he will do everything you ask him to. But today had had a little grumpy start. He was a bit grouchy, which of course made us laugh. But after a view shots, and us laughing and promising him a puff pastry afterwards, he acted like a little clown, and even his grumpy face changed into a happy one. Unfortunately the photo’s weren’t good enough, the lighting was wrong. So hopefully next weekend it will be a bright sunny day, so we can increase the shutter speed to get sharper pictures.


joyce and kuzco



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Joyce Kleine – Work in Progress