This was really the best day a day could be. Even if it was not entirely spend with Ramon.


It was a super exiting day. Malha had to do her obedience 2 exam early in the morning, and then shortly after, it was Charlie her birthday party.


I really hoped Malha’s exam would turn out just as great as we know she can perform. But it’s not all on Malha, it’s on the handler as well. And because Ramon had two very busy days at work, and needed to rush immediately after the examination to work, I really feared this would cause extra stress in their performance together. But there was nothing of a sort. They were like two peas in a pot. They did great together!



It really was a pleasure to watch them performing one after the other assignment, totally in love with each other. So it was no surprise Malha graduated for her obedience 2 certificate. Even got a special note on how she  followed.



Off course Malha knew all along she would succeed…. I mean, Duh….



I made a graduation hat from a toilet roll with black felt glued on. This needed to be documented! Malha preceded her dad in obedience class. We are so proud of this little lady!!!



Soon after, I had to rush to my niece her birthday party. Ramon left for work, and I drove off to Charlie.


We bought a stuffed animal at our favorite kids store in Haarlem. Ramon really has an eye for the perfect present. After lingering for far too long in the toy store, we finally decided to buy a stuffed pink octopus. Super soft, and has many tentacles for giving the greatest hug ever. Perfect for a one year old.



I liked it so very much, I had to unwrap it, to display it on our mantel. But by doing so, it caught Malha her eye. And if someone loves  stuffed animals, it’s Malha. She couldn’t turn her eyes off of it.



Eventually she tried every means possible, to acquire this super soft, super cute octopus for herself.



Maybe we’ll buy a small version for her in time. But for now, it went back into the wrapping paper, and off to my little niece Charlie.



She liked it just as much as Malha!!! I was so happy. So today was just the perfect day, even if it was without spending it completely with Ramon.



I think I will order a small octopus as a graduation gift for our little girl seeing I’m all alone, feeling happy, and just poured my second glass of cold rose. (wink-wink)