Never ever in my life was I expecting this level of a perfect holiday location.



I’m sitting under a beautiful tree, with my puppies next to me, writing with the best view ever. This is totally my idea of perfection.

Ramon booked us this wonderful place especially for me. He was convinced this would really make me happy. And he couldn’t be more right.



It’s an old monastery in Tuscany, up on a mountain with only a 10 mile dirt road through the woods to get there. So pretty much in the middle of nowhere. It is so quiet, the only noise you hear, are of the gazillion crickets around us. And seeing it’s 34 degrees Celsius, it’s really really loud. Kuzco and Malha are having a blast running and playing hide and seek on the remaining walls of the monastery.




The bedroom is just dreamy. It’s just everything I like.



Tiny little kitchen, but enough to prepare dinner and breakfast.



And a gorgeous three levelled tower, where you can sit cool and cosy, with on the top level a tiny little window where you have the best view over Tuscany.



We drove by car, with the first stop in Strasbourg. It was a very cheap hotel, but it was only for one night. But little did we know, Strasbourg is that scary. Apparently we were on the poorest part of town, because we held each other’s hand and looked at each other, kept our puppies close, and both started to laugh out loud nervously. Just our luck; first stop of our drive to Tuscany, and we are found raped, dead and robbed with our puppies stolen to use as bait in dogfights. The hotel was ok thank god. We were too tired to bother after all those traffic jams.



Next day, again only traffic jams along the way to Milan. We arrived late in the evening, exhausted, irritated about everything, especially when we were told to wait for an hour to be able to park the car. But something snapped when we entered our room. It was as big as an uterus, and a bathroom with toilet squeezed in a what seemed to be the broom closet. We were stuck between the walls if we wanted to sit down on the toilet. I managed to squeeze and slide down, but when my butt finally reached the toilet seat, the sink was pushing against my shoulder and breast. After a long discussion with the staff, we got another room. Still a uterus, but with a sizeable bathroom.

We stayed until Monday morning, and had a wonderful time in Milan.



Good food, beautiful shopping centre and city park where the dogs could play and cool a bit.



A city to see and be seen, everything is about appearances. But I wouldn’t have want to miss it.



And now we are here.



Utterly happy, and relaxed.

Finished my grapes, Kuzco and Malha are fast asleep at my feet. The wind feels like my hairdryer, but without the sound. I will have to catheterise now, but after that I will snuggle against Ramon in the shade and just listen to our breathing and the sounds of this peaceful sound of nature. Tomorrow we will explore, today we relax.