A few weeks back, friends that moved to Australia came by to visit. I felt so honored that they wanted to take the time out of their busy schedule to see us, while being here on holiday here in the Netherlands. So I wanted to give them something special. I asked if they would like a drawing of their cats, knowing they hold a very special place in their hearts.

It was a great idea, and to make it a double surprise, I was asked not to tell his wife. So she would really be taken by surprize, when not only a nice piece of cake is being served with a cup of coffee, but a special gift as well. I loved the idea! I received some photo’s, and immediately felt the urge of drawing bubbling up.


It has been so long since I felt like drawing. Since last September when I got the shocking news, if my kidneys would keep deteriorating at the rate it was going, I wouldn’t be here anymore this spring; everything else was more important than drawing. Besides, I lost the feeling to draw.


But now, since my kidney value miraculously kept stable, I wanted to do the things again that always made me happy, such as drawing.


So this was the perfect opportunity to start. Because I still couldn’t make myself sit down and draw anything what so ever.


It took me a while, even with the inspiration bubble present, when I finally sat down, and draw the three cats of our friends. Strangely enough I was a little scared to start. The everlasting doubt, if I still could draw, especially when the time between has been too long., came over me. I put my favorite music on which gets me deep into my emotional state, let it sink in, and then I started.


E voilà!





Three perfectly catched characters. I still can draw. (clapping hands)


Then three other things happened, where my itch to draw overwhelmed me. I drew a dog from Kuzco his school teacher, whom passed away. She still came to class, even when her dog passed away that same morning, apologizing for shedding tears every once in a while. I really felt for her.



And then our neighbor old dog lady. The old dog is struggling with her health, and is about to move elsewhere with her owner. I thought my neighbor would love to have a drawing of her dog, and it’s a perfect goodbye gift.



My last super-duper emotion-burst drawing was that of my sister’s. Her baby girl turned one, and celebrating it without her daddy who is in heaven; I could only imagine the sadness my sister had to feel. It’s crazy how fast little Charlie was on paper. The amount of emotions that ran through my body while drawing her, is indescribable. And the more emotions I feel while drawing, the better the drawing gets. (And maybe a little bit because she is named after me, which still makes me feel so humble.)





So here is Charlie Joyce Janna. (smile from ear to ear, clapping hands.)



Now I think it’s time to finally start the story of Malha, and finish the setup I made last year.

Let the drawing begin….