Making good use of time.

I’m sitting in the waiting area of the hospital, I come to areas I’ve never been before.




I love how hospitals nowadays, put lots of effort in making the surroundings as pleasant as possible. And this waiting area has got it all. Colours, happy paintings, a coffee machine ( which I spotted after only being there for three hours already…), and a children’s play area I am totally in love with.

In specific a cabinet that looks like a big trunk with all kinds of magic drawers, wooden books, different kinds of fabrics to touch, a keyboard to play on, and little people with instruments made from paper placed in 3D, that probably will move when something opens, or when you play the keyboard. It just has everything I love. And the longer I look at it, and believe me, I’ve taken a very lo-oooong look at it, the more I want to make one for myself.


childrens cabinet


I already took a picture, so I can copy the things I like. I would love to have a little version in the living room, so I can put the fish tank on top. My mind is working overtime how I would like it to be. I think instead of the little paper people, I would use the drawings of Kuzco, Spooky, Benjamin, Jools and Bruce. And instead of a keyboard, I would like a xylophone in happy colours. I have plenty of fabrics I could use to touch and feel the different materials. And all the different little boxes could be storage for the few toys we have for kids.


paper people



the more I think about it, the more I am convinced how perfect it would be, and how wonderful fairytale-like it would be, standing in a room holding all my books, and my workspace to create my drawings and paintings.

What an inspiration it would be!!!

And how lovely Bruce his golden scales would go with all the happy colours and designs. As if little Bruce is the rabbit in the magicians hat. Or Cleo, standing on Gepetto’s workstation.

I hope Ramon will share my enthusiasm, and maybe he would like to help me make it possible, like all the wonderful ideas that pop in to my mind from time to time, and becoming reality due to our great teamwork.

Who knows…. And maybe you will see an up-date in the near future, containing this very subject.