Sunday funday. So what to do on a beautiful Sunday like this?


We bought a bubble blower for doggies, when we were grocery shopping last week. Off course we couldn’t wait to try it at home. But while it’s just like a cute, small, girly pink, Marvin the Martian kind of gun, it shoots bubbles like an Uzi. So after two rounds of bubble shooting indoors, everything was coated with sticky soapy water stains that smelled like sausage.



Didn’t like that much.


Perfect for playing in the park on a warm sunny day though.



Sunday funday bubble blowing day it is!!


When we entered the park, we walked into Malha’s friend Molly and her owners. While we stopped for a chitchat, her four year old girl was looking at the bag I carried. I told her it was the doggy-bag and I made it myself, and showed her the images I had embroidered of Kuzco traveling. When I opened the front flap, she was curious to know what was inside the bag. I let her take a look, and she saw the bottles of water and a bowl and some treats. But then her eye caught the tiny pink bubble blower. She picked it out of the bag, and with a twinkle in her eyes she asked me what it was. I showed it to her, and she bounced up and down, clapping her hands. ‘Can I make some bubbles… can I-can I???



Her mom stopped talking to Ramon, and with utter surprise, she looked at the bubble blower. ‘Did that really come out of your bag? Do you always carry such strange things inside your bag? Why in heavens name do you have a bubble blower in your bag?’

When we explained we were going to play with Kuzco and Malha for them to chase meat flavored bubbles, she had to laugh. ‘What strange people you are.’