Last part of our holiday, besides Italy, was the TT races in Assen. A couple of days… boys only.

From Friday till Monday Ramon would drink, party, barbecue, and see bikes, biker dudes and dudettes, and off course pretty girls.

Each year he goes with four of his friends, and each year we say goodbye with a huge wink and saying as if it was a boy scout honor, ‘whatever happens in Assen, stays in Assen.’

We always laugh about it, because we both know nothing stays in Assen with Ramon. He always calls or apps me when he goes to sleep, and when he wakes up. And especially when he had a lot to drink, I am always honored with a little ‘I-wove-you-sooooooo-much’ call, that always sounds like he doesn’t remember which side of the phone he needs to speak through.

I love that I am always on his mind, even though I don’t expect him to. If he decided not to call, it would be fine by me. I can imagine there a times when you just want to leave home behind, and just have a crazy fun time with friends.

But this year was the same as any other. I got an app on the first day somewhere way past midnight. It was the renowned ‘I-wove-you-soooooo-much, and I’ll call you tomorrow’ app.

It made me smile.

The next day he send a photo of a claw machine, with a Wonder Woman doll sitting in the front.


claw machine


‘Can’t get her out….’ He texted me.

‘WHAAAT!!! Wonder Woman?? Oh my God!! How can she not want to come out, I am her homeland!’ I answered with silliness.

‘I can’t get it done. I already spend 20 euro’s, and still no Wonder Woman, my Wonder Woman.’

Awh, that was the sweetest thing that made my heart melt. 200 km away, surrounded by his friends, and no doubt countless of beautiful girls, and Ramon sees a Wonder Woman doll at a village fair, thinks of me,  and spends all that time and money to get me one.

‘You are the sweetest guy in the whole wide world for trying so hard. I will print out this picture and put it on the fridge, because this is just a wonderful story, and makes me feel so loved. Just let it go, and have a wonderful time.’

But he didn’t let go. Around 3 AM, he send me this picture.


wonder woman


‘I got her! Thanks to a friend. He told the girl behind the counter to please-please-please just give me the doll, because I’d already spend 50 euro’s trying to get the doll for my wonder woman.’

I can only imagine the flirtation that had gone around to make the village fair lady give in, and give Ramon the doll. Because they succeeded. She gave Ramon the doll!


wonder woman in car


The next day when he was on his way home, he send me pictures of Wonder Woman and her journey to her homeland. He made me laugh so hard.


wonder woman on the road


Sweet, crazy guy….

wonder woman home