While I was eating my breakfast, I was looking at the CountyLiving website. I stumbled across an item called ’20 Weirdly soothing images’. I believe I can use something soothing, so a perfect time to go through this article.

The last piece of a puzzle, nothing more gratifying than putting the last piece in place– Give me a puzzle, and I really want to hit someone after finding number three to fit, of a thousand pieces, so no thank you.

Bare feet on a cozy rug– Yes that could be nice.

Pears that nestle together– Sure, that would make me happy as well.

Organized junk drawers– Yep, that will do, but don’t feel like it at the moment.

Ducklings with their mom– Que??

Books sorted by color– Duh! I would go crazy if they weren’t. So got that already for years now.

Any kind of tea– Okay, could see that work, but a nice glass of whiskey could do the same thing, I believe.

Queen Elizabeth’s all purple outfit– Hmmm, a desperate way of filling the numbers…

Perfectly organized pantries– Yesss, I will sort it out again. Good idea!

Pencils organized by color– O. My. God. …… Yesssss…….

A smart refrigerator– Okay, that could work, but not in our house. Too small, too many stuff of weird sizes.

An address directory– Uhhm, I finally use my cellphone…..

Finishing an elaborate cake– YES!!! I did one last Christmas, and it was very rewarding, but soothing….. ?

Synchronized swimmers– ……WTF???

Water droplets on a window, there’s nothing like the kaleidoscope effect water creates on a window to remind us of the soothing sound of listening to a storm while curled up in bed– after reading the follow up, yes, agreed.

An orange peel strip– sounds a bit desperate to me.

Symmetric floors and feet– yes, it can really disturb me when one foot is larger than the other. I feel so calm now, knowing I’m not the only one.

A blank calendar– Duh, just don’t write anything down then….

Fresh sheets on a bed– Oh yes!!! Yes-yes-yes!!!!

Forks woven together– What???? Then you probably haven’t been brought up by an overly superstitious mother. Anything with cutlery doesn’t predict anything soothing, accept an argument, or infortune of any kind.

So my day was well spend. Put some fresh sheets on the bed, organized my pencils by color, and organized my pantry. Stared at my perfectly symmetric feet on my perfectly symmetric wooden floor for a while, wiped my calendar clean, drank a cup of tea, and put my icy cold feet on a hot water bottle. Yes, I’m totally relaxed and happy today.