Last week I got the results back from the colonoscopy. I know I should be happy the results turned out to be exactly as I told the doctors from the beginning, because now I finally got something that makes me feel better soon.


But I am not. I am angry.


Angry for not being taken seriously and listened to once again. It’s not only my personal experience and knowledge over the past years they willingly ignored, but all the information in my medical files as well. All they had to do, was look back to the dates I gave them, when my physical symptoms were exactly the same, and act with quicker pace to state  if my ailments correspond with previous cases. I feel I have been put through these past miserable months on purpose. Because there was no need for them to just let me hang out to dry like this. A couple of ulcers and a bad inflammation in the small intestine, made  four months of chronical diarrhea, crazy amount of pain in my stomach, complete exhaustion, and a total of almost 40 pounds, loss of weight. And the reason why, was just as I thought; my Crohn was acting up again, and not even a ‘sorry, it seems you were right’. But thank God I did get the Prednisone.


So now I have been feeling quite ill the last week, but this time it’s okay. I will have to get used to the Prednisone and the dosage of it, so I will feel better soon.


It’s crazy how knowing I was right all along, and that I do know my own body by listening to it, and all the experience I’ve gathered throughout the years, makes me roar like a lion in my mind. I still feel physically exhausted, but in my mind I feel I can take any and everything. And it is within my reach, to start doing the things I like, with a little more energy in store again. I can’t wait.


To celebrate the “good” news, and stay with the positive happy side of things; I want to show you some delicious happy pictures I took yesterday.



There was doggy swimming at the local swimming pools. On the last day of the season, they allow dogs to swim in the outdoor pools. It would be too much impulses for Kuzco, so we only took Malha.



It was great to see her exuberant enthusiasm, and her enormous amount of love and devotion towards Ramon.




They are like two peas in a pot. Just like me and Kuzco. She had a wonderful time.



Playing and swimming with other doggies and Ramon.



When she became tired of all the new impulses, she was clinging to Ramon for comfort and safety like a child. It was just too adorable to watch, so obviously there were a lot of Aaaawhs made by people who saw them together.



Next year, we have to stay on top of all the different dates the nearby swimming pools set on their closing the outdoor season. Because we have to do this again and again!!!! This was so much fun!