I was stoked!! The pharmacy called to tell me my medicine were there to pick up.  Burping a very acidic gas of air, apologizing for my rudeness, I almost pulled the girl through the telephone line to kiss and squeeze her to death, shouting, ‘O thank you so very much!! You don’t know how happy this is making me. I’m coming as soon as I can!’ Had to throw up two times after that, I had a cup of tea after all, and I raced with my nine miles per hour, the fastest my mobility scooter can go with backwind, to my pharmacist. I straightened my curls, and gave her a Godfather-like thank you. ‘This time, I’ll leave my gun and take the cannoli. But next time….’ I could see she didn’t have the faintest idea what I was talking about. But it’s okay, I’m happy.


While I was riding my scoot anyway, I decided to go the paint store. I got the colors I needed to start painting the clogs of a friend. It’s a love/hate kind of job, but I love Ramon’s friend to death, so practically every year I paint some new ones. He wears them as shoes, and wears these with pride when he and Ramon go to see the TT in Assen. So I will start with this new pair of clogs. The baseline is in my head, but which race numbers to use this time, I’ll leave up to Ramon. He has designed them all, so he will most likely have a great idea for this pair of clogs.

painted clogs