What an adventurous weekend! We are all pooped.



I’m moving around like a zombie. Everything hurts. Seizures have doubled in numbers; have to catheterize more frequently because it’s as dark as coffee; I am extremely exhausted. But it was all worth it.


I’m looking through the photo’s we made last weekend. I don’t quite know which one to choose, to stuck on the fridge. My wall of happiness almost hasn’t got any space left anymore, but this was such a memorable weekend filled with so much joy and happiness, there has to be a photo on it to remind me of, on days like today.



There was a club meeting with the Ural Dnepr Club.  It was going to be held on a camp site near a town called Schoonhoven from Friday till Sunday. On Saturday there would be a tour with all the sidecars together, with a big barbecue at the end of the day. It would be our longest ride since we got the Dnepr, but Ramon guessed it should be doable for me, considering how good it went on our last ride. So I thought it was already clear weeks ago, we were going to this meeting. But Ramon still hesitated to go, two weeks prior. He worried his ass off; would I make it through a weekend where there will be most likely little rest, and long drives in the sidecar for three days in a row. Will I honour my promise that I won’t take more meds, and will the doggies even make it, for they haven’t practiced for a ride in the sidecar for that long of a time? And what about sleeping in a tent, on a camping with a group of people I have never met, for two days, seeing I am still no camping chick, and not familiar with the social engagements of camping life? Will I only want to go, to please him?


Well, thank God I could clear all the monkeys in his head, and convince him I really was looking forward to this weekend. This was why he bought the Dnepr in the first place. For us to ride a bike together again, and to enjoy the time we have been granted.



So there we went. The sidecar all packed and ready to go.


My camping experience is growing with one positive vibe after another, each time we have gone now. This weekend being one of the best!


I was a little scared not knowing what to do, but the group of people that were present at this club weekend, made it easy to feel very welcome.



Kuzco and Malha made instant friends with the kids that joined their parents. They really had the best time they could wish for between riding the sidecar, and being on camp site. Kuzco upgraded his cuddles, and Malha upgraded her catch-me-if-you-can-skills.



There was a huge campfire where people were catching up, and in the meantime could warm up. It was so chilly on Friday, and even downright cold in the  evenings. I froze my ass off sleeping on a half inflated airbed (pump broke while inflating), but even so, it was cozy and fun.



I had to call it an early night on Friday, because everything was hurting so much. I desperately wanted to join the tour the next day. So I hoped my early night would help.



It did, if only for a bit. But it was just enough to look chipper when we drank our morning coffee together, to convince Ramon we would go.



I didn’t regret it for one moment. It was great!!!



It was truly a wonderful experience to ride along a string of sidecars, and people on the side of the road waving, and smiling, and taking pictures while we drove by.



Even the weather started to turn for the better, when we stopped somewhere for a lunch.



When we got back at the camp site, I was not the only one being exhausted. The barbeque would take a while, so we took a little nap lying in the grass, with the sun kissing our cheeks.



I never enjoyed a smoky barbeque as much as I did this weekend. It was the finishing touch of a wonderful day spend with great people, and the most wonderful rumbling bikes.



I slowly scuff myself to the fridge to put a photo from this weekend somewhere between all my other happy moments. I smile my biggest smile. I see my reflection in the kettle that’s on the counter next to the fridge. I’m wearing my new club t-shirt I got as a keepsake for this weekend.



I feel horrible, but great.