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It felt like spring has sprung. The air seemed warm, the birds were singing, people looked happier, the daffodils stood proud (although they stood there already, because nature is a bit off lately) and Kuzco had a lot of furry friends to play with in the park. Today was a pleasant day. So it felt only logical to take my yoga mat, and some other stuff I use, to the attic again. Our roof is only wood and roof tiles, no isolation what so ever, so when the temperature is below 0 degrees Celsius outside, the attic will be too. Not today. I wanted to row today. Kuzco joined me, so I gave 1 of my 1001 pillows for him to lay upon. To fall softer during a seizure when I row, there are many many pillows around the rowing machine. I got a seizure, but my face hit the ground, right at the pillowless spot.  When I came to, I was shocked. My face was stuck to the ground. For a second I thought I had an ice burn. That the floor was still as frozen as a couple of days before. It can happen you know!! Just like when you stick your tongue on the drawer of the freezer, for instance. I pulled my face off the ground, and touched it carefully with my hand. It was still sticky. Then I really laughed out loud. It was spray glue, and I couldn’t even remember the last time I had used it. O my gosh, that’s the time I haven’t cleaned the attic. Oi. So it seemed fitting for this lovely spring-like day, to keep a spring-cleaning. Now even the attic smells like flowers!




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Joyce Kleine – Work in Progress