It’s been a good day.

The results were in from my blood test on the hormone levels, and I talked them through with my physician. I didn’t want to go alone, I was a little scared of what outcome could be, so Ramon joined me for moral support.

My physician made a sad face, when he told me nothing has changed and I am still infertile. But my first reaction was; exhale….and then I smiled.

It is really weird to genuinely be happy to hear such news. But now I can continue like I did those ten years. We don’t have to make difficult decisions, we really don’t even want to think about. And they already crossed my mind from time to time these last few weeks.

I can tell you, it didn’t make me a brightful gal.

It’s okay. Better yet, it is truly fine. Now I can really focus on our (hopefully to come) new fur-baby.

We had a sort of dress rehearsal last Friday with Kuzco and Maya. Maya wasn’t ready for it yet, but Kuzco made a good move in wooing her. I rather dread the actual mating, I really don’t want to see my puppy making puppies. But the whole impression making Kuzco was working on, in between his nervous behavior, was too adorable to see.

This week we are going to try again, with hopefully the results we are wishing for.

Already there are all kinds of potential stories emerging. I can’t wait to write them, and draw them.

Sunday we went to see Ramon’s brother and sister in law. They also had pear- and apple-trees in their garden, so we picked the last few from their trees.


kuzco apple tree


It was a lovely time. Almost even more so, then when we picked the apples and pears at the Olmenhorst. Kuzco was with us, and his reaction was priceless. His little head was bright and happy, and he couldn’t stop jumping and barking of happiness. He was amazed to see that balls grow on a tree and fall on the ground to play with. And you can even eat them!! They just kept on coming. It was like heaven on earth for doggies. And in my mind, I could see Kuzco tell his puppy the story where balls come from and how fun it is to play with them.


kuzco picking apples


I asked Ramon to take some pictures of Kuzco, which I most likely will use for a possible story in the future.




There is a weight of my shoulders. I feel I can breathe again, and I feel happy. This time it’s okay something in my body still is broken. This doesn’t need fixing as long as the rest is still broken too.

Just give a puppy.