In my head I heard a male voice with a Hindu accent when I entered my daily route through the park. Everything was so incredibly green. Everywhere I looked, it was like someone had burst his whole paint ball canon dry. The Zen-feeling immediately took over, thus the Hindu voice.

‘Namasté. My soul, greets your soul. Take a deep breath and let the calm and serenity of nature, embrace you like a mother’s womb.’

Well, okay, who could argue with a figment of my imagination… so before I pursued my mindless walk, I took a deep breath.

Yes…I could feel it… very Zen indeed…

If only I could have taken satisfaction with that one breath alone…. but no… I had to take another one. I had to Bogart the inhalation. Because why settle with one, if you could take two, three or more injections of utter fusion with nature. But the second time I took a deep breath, I was roughly torn apart of my becoming one with nature, and my godly-like conversation with my imaginary Hindu priest. A chemical flowery sent filled my nostrils when a lady crossed my path. It was definitely a case of twenty or so puffs to many.

I snapped out of my fantasy, and smiled when I saw my wrist sliding out of my short sleeve when I was about to throw Kuzco’s ball.

Yeah… that’s right…. I was hoping to initiate my new bracelet. That’s why I wore a tight jacket, with three-quarter sleeves.

Saturday was World Whiskey Day. After Ramon came home from school, we celebrated this joyful day.




Because….duh….. it’s even better than Christmas, Hanukkah, New year’s and Rosh Hashanah combined.

I arranged all sorts of snacks that would do great with a glass of whiskey, and we feasted. I love these moments where we just live the moment, and have fun and laugh about silly stuff. We talked about many things, but main topic of the evening was Italy off course. What to do, where to go, what to see, and most importantly, what do we still need to purchase before we go.

A medical bracelet for me, was something we immediately started to search for on the internet.  Accompanied with our whiskey and gravad lax, we ordered a bracelet. ‘It’s been a while since I bought you jewellery. Be sure to pick something beautiful.’ Ramon said with a wink. I chose something simple, and a little robust. A black leather band, with a silver centre piece. Something that would surely catch the eye when I’m having a seizure.




It arrived yesterday. And I’m so happy! It is just perfect. So today, while walking through the park, I for once was hoping to have a seizure. Even though 99 out of the 100 times, people just keep walking by, acting like they haven’t seen anything, I was hoping for the 1 person to notice and would take a look at my bracelet. But I didn’t get any seizures while walking, so for now, it just looks nice on my wrist. But it is a very reassuring feeling, people can react accordingly if they notice my medi-bling. Because not everybody understands Kuzco’s language, and when I am without Kuzco or someone I know, I know everything is going to be all right as well.