There was Kryptonite sprinkled on our bed two days back. Don’t know who, don’t know when, but I was completely immobilized. Ramon didn’t mind the Kryptonite, he just gave the dust-buster a go, went back to sleep, and then rise and shined the next morning. But me, I was drained. Even my ring had lost its power, and I couldn’t find my recharger, the lantern, anywhere. I really had to find it, but because I was so exhausted, it took me a whole day to find my lantern, and it was just under the bed. Ramon must have bumped it on the floor while he dust-busterd the Kryptonite from the sheets. My Spidey-sense told me I would need a huge amount of energy for the next day, or else I wouldn’t be able to keep the Hulk inside. I had to go to the hospital again.




I got my lantern from under bed, and recharged my ring. With my new regained level of will, I could pay attention, and be entertaining as well.

But with my body still processing the effects of the Kryptonite, it only lasted that afternoon, and had to rest until the next day.

That day is today, and lucky for me it is Good Friday, so Ramon is at home and will be till Tuesday. I put my ring in the lantern, and washed the bed. You can never be too safe. Tomorrow will be a good day, with renewed energy, and most likely lots of laughter. Hulk, Spidey and the rest of the crew, can have a few days off for now.