I remember it well, when my sister in law told me, it was a good thing we aren’t living together. Because she wouldn’t dare to leave the house anymore, to come home after work and be afraid what she would find next on one of my creative outbursts.

Hahaha, I can still laugh about her comment, because I know Ramon is secretly feeling the same as our sister in law. But he has learned over all these years we spent together, it’s no use to worry. It’s gonna happen anyway, and most of the time it turns out great. And the other small misfortunes have been restored as if nothing ever happened.

But this time, it would cost a little more effort to restore if I would proceed with my plan. A plan that sprung to life while eating my oatmeal in our kitchen/dining/living room at that time. What would I do. Should I just proceed or give him a heads up?

Hmmmm….. What to do….

I asked Ramon with extreme caution what he would think about if I would tear down the little wall next to the staircase. I’ve wanted to tear down every wall in the kitchen from day one. These tiny spaces with all those doors gave me claustrophobia.


And I would already have done it, if it wasn’t for the electronic components in almost every wall. That’s just not my thing, nor do I want to. I really hate that part of renovating. But this little wall was empty. Only a cast wall.


That would at least be one of the five walls being gone. Ramon shrugged when I suggested what I wanted to do today. “Sure he said, but remember, gone is really gone. You can’t go back once you slash your hammer through the wall.” Pffff, sure I can. We just have to buy some new blocks to build, but I really know this is what I want. I received a big kiss on my cheek, and he wished me luck. “Just be careful okay? I want you still in one piece when I come home tonight. Promise?”

I chuckled, and kissed him back. “ Sure I will, as always. See you tonight. I love you.”

I finished my oatmeal and coffee while taking a long look at the wall I was about to wreck.


That’s the sound you hear when the harp lady strikes her fingers over the strings. And that’s what I heard when I was looking at that piece of wall. Like a message from above I received the creative way of tearing down a wall. I wanted a cat on a banister.


I got my tools and started carving the wall.


early start

in progress


Three seizures following short after each other, is my silent alarm I promised myself to listen to, and  quit doing what I’m doing, and give body and mind some rest. So after the third seizure, I quit, and felt extremely tired. I could feel I had exceeded my physical boundaries by far, but I had a creative outburst, with a kind of outer body experience. I have those once in a while. When I create something and I can’t even remember what I have done afterwards. I crashed on the couch and fell asleep.  I woke up when the door opened, and Ramon came home from work. “W-w-what have you done??” He dropped his bag on the stairs while walking up.  His eyes were like the size of saucers. He even forgot to say hello to the doggies, he just stared at my creation.

art deco cat

“Do you like it? I asked nervously. I can tear it down completely, but I thought this would be nice instead. What do you think?” He looked at me as if I spoke gibberish, and his hands touched the cast that was still standing.

art deco cat

“I love it you silly girl! You said you wanted it gone. I never expected to come home to find  a piece of art only  a  few hours later when there was just a wall.”

“Good. Because I’m pretty tired. Wouldn’t feel like wrecking all that energy I put in it.” I gave him a hug, leaving a white imprint of me on his fancy suit.