When you are hoping for a little summer during summer, and only get autumn, you are getting used to the cold, rainy days. So when summer decides to actually give you some summer feeling, because the whining became unbearable, it slaps you in the face with the ultimate summer feeling.

‘Here, and there, and here some more!!! This is what you wanted? Now enjoy it, you…

(terribly ugly words following the dots)

It has been terribly hot these last couple of days. And off course everyone is now whining about, this being too much summer.

My furry friends and me, were knocked out flat during the day. Temperature was rising to 30 degrees Celsius indoors. I had to poke them from time to time just to make sure they only looked dead. My head can’t handle the fast changes in the weather, especially when it goes from cold to hot with the air pressure rising along with it. So I played dead right beside my furry friends. Tried to move as little as possible, because my head felt as huge as a silo filled with swords and anvils.




When Ramon came home from work, he took me and Kuzco to the beach. So I made a simple dinner every evening, to take with us. Some salad with meat or fish, water, wine, coffee, and little pieces of coconut to chew on. When we arrived at our favorite spot, we let ourselves drop on our beach towel, only to come off after sundown.


kuzco swimming


Kuzco took his place in the water, just lying there, letting the waves gently cover him with the cool salty water. He didn’t even had to move to play with his ball. The currant made sure he was entertained, by taking the ball away from him, and let him get it back with no real effort, just enough to make it look like he was doing something.

When our bellies were full, and the wind cooled, and dried our warm, sweaty skin, we washed away the stickiness that remained. It felt like a complete rejuvenation, and we played with Kuzco in the water till the sun was no longer there.




Today is yet again hot and muggy, but now I am more used to it. So my seizures are at a normal rate, and the pain is quite bearable again. I will keep it slow never the less, just to make sure I am still a pleasant person to be with, when Ramon comes home tonight.