I’m prepping my ass off. I want to make sure, everything is taken care of, appointments cancelled that needed to be cancelled, house clean, and everything washed and ironed, so Ramon has to do as little as possible. Only focus on himself, me, the doggies and the cats, and off course his work. I’ve been cooking all day long, so Ramon won’t have to live on snacks alone. The freezer hasn’t been this loaded in like forever. I will only eat my liquid medical food, solid food will be most likely a no-go.


Everything is passing my mind, things I still have to do, things I want to do, how I will get through a day, how the doggies will react, get the plastic tableware from the attic, put things I often use in safe range, make sure I can sit while I need to shower, and then I thought of my catheter.


A small fortune for my for my urethra in these coming days. I won’t be able to catheterize while having 280 seizures a day. So all the irritation and small wounds it holds, will finally get a chance to heal.


Goes to show, every downside has an upside….


It feels good to do this, all this prepping is good to get my mind off things.

And I even get to feel I did something to help Ramon through these upcoming horrible days.



And to make myself smile a bit, I decided that Malha really needed a baby hairpin to remove her lock of hair from her eyes. So besides all the necessary groceries, I bought the cutest little baby hairpin.

She doesn’t even seem to notice it’s in her hair. Yay for me!!!