This is such a weird day. It really holds every aspect of life, and all the emotions.

When we got up this morning, we were already tired because we dreaded the thing we had to do. Accompany someone whom either is angry or sad. Today the angry flower definitely blossomed fiercely.

But it didn’t matter so much, because today was going to be a wonderful exiting day. After scratching each day of the calendar like it was Christmas coming for over a week, Ramon could finally pick up his new car today. He got the go-sign from his boss to drive the car he really set his mind to. An Audi E-tron. For days on end, in every conversation the Audi passed along, or just stayed parked for a while. Even when I exhaled from delight when dinner was just a pure symphony of exuberant tastes, he would say in this moment of bliss; ‘Yes, I know what you mean….but you know what really would make this dinner stand out? With an Audi E-tron…..’Then a sort of caveman growl ‘Yessss’, would come next, to finish it off with nodding his head slowly and satisfied, while closing his eyes…..



I just don’t understand such gushy emotion over a car. But not to be the horrible uncompassionate wife, I imagined it would feel the exact same way, as when I have placed an order for Flag Nor Fail gear. Not exactly knowing when it will arrive, but knowing it is on its way, makes me just as exited I guess. Not to mention the day it gets delivered….then I’m stoked! So I just keep this comparison in mind, every time he throws in the car, and I try to be just as enthusiastic about it.



So today is the day. This week several items have been send for the car, like a safety bar for the doggies to stay put in the back of the car. Even Kuzco and Malha couldn’t contain their excitement.



So I decided to surprise Ramon with a home baked cake , as celebration for our newest edition that makes Ramon smile from ear to ear.

And then Marja called me….

With the most terrible news. The oldest brother of Malha, Hudson, was terribly ill. He had a sudden loss of weight, and after some tests, it was clear he was too ill to recover. It came as such a shock. I had done my groceries, and wanted to share my small bunch of tulips I bought, with Marja after she told me, Hudson didn’t go well and probably wouldn’t make it, and she lost a friend of hers to cancer. So she just had the worst kind of day. When I rang the doorbell, she was just on the phone with Hudson’s owner. Hudson had passed away. End of his only 17 week old story…..

I had to cry so much. Even though I last saw him when he was 7 weeks old, he had grown on me just as much as all the other puppies. We had to care for him for 7 weeks, and done so with so much love…. That this news was rather upsetting me. So here is a picture of our little Superhero that didn’t make it.


(deep sob)


But to remind myself of the seven heavenly weeks spend with him, I started to make my cake. It was a wonderful distraction. I cried a bit, and then I felt a little ray of sunshine coming through.



This will be a double celebration cake. Most importantly to celebrate the new car of which we get the privilege to drive in for the next five years. And a tiny little piece of celebrating the 17 weeks of joy Hudson brought to our lives.