I love the east and south of the Netherlands. Everything seems to be the opposite from the west. It literally is off course, but even life seems more exuberant and the people are friendly. They make you feel welcome, and you are treated as a special guest.

We went to the east of the Netherlands for the weekend. It was our dear friend’s fortieth birthday, and is was celebrated at the local pub. It was nice to see everybody again. We could bring Kuzco as well, so we put on his tail-coat and little polka-dot tie, and he stole the show.


after the party


Unfortunately I couldn’t stay till the end of the party, my head split in two after 15 minutes. It was crowded, hot, and the noise stayed at one place. So my energy dropt like a fly, and after an hour and a half I had to leave. Our hotel room was next to the pub, so Ramon carried me and Kuzco to the room, so we could sleep. Ramon went back to the party, and even danced on clogs!




The next morning we were invited for breakfast at our friend’s parents house. The first time I’d ever been there, I was blown away and totally in love. The house has a porch, with brown leather Chesterfield’s around a fireplace. In my imaginary dream house there is exactly such a porch as this one. Cozy, comfy, and utterly charming. And this was where we were going to join our breakfast together.

It was raining cats and dogs, and it was rather chilly. But the fire was burning, and the porch was sealed with a canvas. This was the perfect way to spend a Sunday morning. Kuzco could run and play in the yard, and we could chill by the fire, before we had to drive a long way home again.