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Last Saturday I got some wonderful hugs, the ones where you just want to squeeze a little tighter, because you feel it’s an honest hug filled with love. I have become somewhat of an expert in hugging. In the past I always wanted to keep my distance, in every sense of the word, because I […]


Today is prep day for tomorrow’s colonoscopy, so no eating and only drinking that horrible stuff to clean my bowels.     To take my mind of feeling even shittier than I already feel, I stared at the flowers I got from my nephew, while I was looking at the photo’s I made, from a […]


This year, my birthday felt like a victory. I honestly am grateful for getting another year older. There, where I was told I wouldn’t even make it to this year’s spring. I feel like I defied the odds. I wanted to celebrate it, big time! But my physical condition at the moment is not so […]