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This was really the best day a day could be. Even if it was not entirely spend with Ramon.   It was a super exiting day. Malha had to do her obedience 2 exam early in the morning, and then shortly after, it was Charlie her birthday party.   I really hoped Malha’s exam would […]


A few weeks back, friends that moved to Australia came by to visit. I felt so honored that they wanted to take the time out of their busy schedule to see us, while being here on holiday here in the Netherlands. So I wanted to give them something special. I asked if they would like […]


What an adventurous weekend! We are all pooped.     I’m moving around like a zombie. Everything hurts. Seizures have doubled in numbers; have to catheterize more frequently because it’s as dark as coffee; I am extremely exhausted. But it was all worth it.   I’m looking through the photo’s we made last weekend. I […]


Last Sunday we went to the park after a short ride with the sidecar. It was wonderful! Kuzco and Malha ran and play together, and then we went for a drink at our favourite Tearoom. Besides the fact we were somewhat of an attraction to the people sitting on the terrace, the owner of the […]


It took exactly 33 hours for Malha, to recover from her operation. It was like the light had been switched on. I couldn’t believe my own eyes. We are so used to Kuzco, whom is dying a thousand deaths when something is wrong with him. But the only thing that made us remind Malha had […]