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      After those dreadful months, I want to celebrate just about anything and everything. I just want to want to do exactly as in Rita Ora’s “Your song”. Every time I hear it, I tear up on the part where she sings; I don’t want to sing sad songs anymore, only want to […]


I could shout from the rooftops!!! I am so relieved, and so very happy at the moment.   I got the results back from the blood results of my kidney values. I was so terribly nervous. For days actually. I hoped and prayed the values would be stablized, but I was scared to death it […]


5 Nice and quiet days ahead…. I hope… After spending a whole week in my bed, recovering from our amazing time in Paris, you would think I would hate this upcoming week to spend mostly inside, but I don’t.     Malha had her surgery yesterday to correct her cherry eye. The surgery went well, […]


    Magically wonderful…     I already was in awe with the city’s charm when we arrived late in the evening. We checked in at a lovely hotel in the heart of Paris, where we stayed in a tiny but well maintained little studio.     Ramon was so very disappointed when we were […]


We were like two teenagers snuggling on the couch, tucked under a blanket, listening to music, staring into the nothingness only to be disrupted by an occasional kiss or two.   This was so nice.   This was the end of a horrible day. No better way to end it like so. Something even so […]


  Woohoo…. New year….   I almost felt bad for not feeling the exuberating  joy of wanting to toast, laugh and kiss for a happy new year, until I saw Ramon his face.   His was exactly the same as mine.   I started to cry.   I’m sorry I am crying, I can’t get […]