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  Christmas morning, and I’m sitting on the floor next to the warm stove, the little lights in the Christmas tree gives a gentle glow the still gloomy morning light. And I am feeling worried… My little bundle of joy has curled himself up on a pillow we put next to the stove, not to […]


It was double a party. Two celebrations on one day.     Malha turned one, and it was my parents 40th anniversary. So lots of preparation to do. I think that was the most fun of all. All the preparations ahead.   Buying the ingredients for the first birthday cake and cookies of Malha,   […]


  ‘Justice League will be on screen in your Movie Theatre for the last time. Make sure you haven’t missed it!’ Wow, this was my lucky shot! I thought I missed it already, because it was in theatre when I was testing the medicine. Ramon had to go away to Germany for two days for […]


    This week went actually rather well.   No crazy emotional outburst, my ulcer seems to be healing, medical food stays down, energy going up in tiny little steps. But at least it is going up. Which made me feel confident enough to go to physical therapy last Thursday.   The week before was […]


Ramon was asked to shoot pictures of the new born puppies of Maya on Sunday in the afternoon. A week ago, she had another litter, not by Kuzco, but adorable just the same. Marja Whats-apped me when the first three of nine were born.     I couldn’t wait to see them. So I already […]


  I had a wonderful, wonderful day! It was exactly how I hoped  it would be.     We went to the Christmas market in Haarlem, and then we would pick out a tree and buy fried dough. That is something that became sort of tradition, every time we bought a Christmas tree. Every time […]


Here we were.   At the vet yesterday evening. My sweet innocent little sweet pea. Not knowing what was about to happen. Kuzco got a chemical castration. After deep consideration and consult with the vet, there was nothing to it. The only way to be certain our anniversary trip to Paris the 5th of January […]