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    I’m picking up the pieces. I literally cried all Monday, and when I went to see my physical therapist yesterday, I couldn’t hold back my tears from running down my cheek, again. I was supposed to have been busy starting  to do some cardio at home, practicing breathing techniques and making myself stronger […]


    I’m feeling very pitiful today, so this probably will be a very whiny post. But I have to get it out of my system.   I have been crying my eyes out ever since last evening, when I asked Ramon what was going through his mind.  And all I want to do this […]


  This was me last Friday, and most of the following days as well.   Last Friday was the last day for the injection to show any sign of effect. I lay in bed, staring at the clock, timing the rest period between the seizures. Hoping it would be more than 5 minutes, because then […]


I was in a deep emotional low. The injection still isn’t doing anything but make me feel sick and feverish. I really hoped that after a week, something would change, but still nothing. Even though I still have a week ahead of me where some of its magic could rub off, I was feeling sad, […]


Finally a little bit of good news…. or is it truly?   I just got blood results back from my kidneys, and it turns out it has stabilised for now. My first reaction was being overjoyed. I was so worried the kidney value would  drop regardless of the little pause of medication intake, but luckily […]