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Sunday funday. So what to do on a beautiful Sunday like this?   We bought a bubble blower for doggies, when we were grocery shopping last week. Off course we couldn’t wait to try it at home. But while it’s just like a cute, small, girly pink, Marvin the Martian kind of gun, it shoots […]


I inherited a love for second hand, antique and vintage bric a brac from my parents. I have absolutely no knowledge when something is ‘the real deal’, I just love old things. So whenever there’s a flea market or ‘antique’ market, I love to stroll along the stands, and see if there’s anything I would […]


  I could so get used to not having seizures almost all day, every day…. During our holiday, just to be able to push through a day doing all kinds of fun stuff, exhausting stuff, and absolutely way too much stuff, in my case, I doubled the dosage of my medication. It’s okay for short […]

Birthday girl

  Love, honest caring, and making someone feel important. Every time it happens to me, I am amazed of the power it holds. And it makes me cry of happiness, I am finally open to receive it. But every once in a while, especially when I have enough to carry emotionally and physically, I close […]


The last day we spend in Italy, we decided to go to lake Bilancino. A couple of days earlier we tried to visit the famous dog beach in Livorno. But this time we only saw the beach as we drove by back and forth. Two and a half hour drive, two hours of searching where […]


  We were looking forward to see Florence. The history it holds, the story of the Medici family, to see  the buildings that also came to pass in the tv. Series of Da Vinci’s Demons, but most importantly, the fact the Medici rule still holds concerning dogs.     In 2008, the Florentine government passed […]

The old cot

  An old cot stood in the atrium of the monastery. Every other day it was filled with fresh water for Kuzco and Malha to drink and play. It’s funny, where we thought Kuzco would be the first one to jump in, he just watched Malha play, and occasionally took a sip of water, but […]


  When I was still working as a house painter, my boss introduced me to the love of Italian food. He loved going to Italy, and if I remember it correctly, especially Tuscany. At one Christmas we got a gift box from my boss from a vineyard from Tuscany. I loved it so much. The […]


  When we went to Pisa, our expectations of and a dog friendly country were again shattered into pieces when we wanted to hide from the sun on the hottest hours of the day. No dogs allowed in the city park, no dogs allowed to walk on the grass, no water or drinking fountain to […]


I woke up from a nightmare. I dreamt of Kuzco drowning in the sea. A wave covered his face, and instead of popping his happy little head from out of it, his eyes were on me and were full of panic. The water kept covering his face like cling foil, and in the meantime the […]