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Yesterday was the last day of two weeks on a row of shitty things to do.

I had the cystoscopy, which in the end wasn’t as horrible as told. I think because it’s like the procedure I do every day, every two hours. So I am used to how it feels. Never thought I would actually be thankful for something I so hate to do. Another positive thing is that you immediately get the results. strange things were found. So that was really good news for a change.



A perfect way to finally start preparations for our holiday.

Strangely it still doesn’t feel like we’re going on vacation. Normally I am bouncy and exited, days before we go. Two weeks in advance I would have start packing, driving Ramon insane because he can’t find things anymore. But now, I haven’t done a thing. And still can’t find the right mood to start. I am cutting it real close, but maybe once this day is starting, I will find that right mood, and start packing our bags.

We have a jour de Coiffure. The doggies will go this afternoon, and Ramon and me, tonight. It is way overdue, the four of us look like a bunch of hobo’s. We even had a good laugh about it making fun of each other with my sister and her best friend. When we are all done today, nobody will recognize us anymore.

And while I write those words, a spark of happy, tingles through my body. Maybe this is just what I need! Cutting  my hair short and bouncy again. Feeling renewed. Away with those hairs that had to join me in all those shitty things of the last few weeks. Those hairs that make me look even more tired than I already am.

Yes!!! I think I’m going to start feeling eager to start this day.



When Kuzco is ready at the groomer, when can finally fit the shoes we got from my parents. I had managed to try them on Malha, because her feet were still reasonably trimmed. We needed dog shoes for Italy when we are roaming through a city, where the pavement can be extremely hot. We don’t want them to get blisters on their paws, so we searched the internet for shoes that protect against hot pavement, as well as salted ice. That way we can use them anytime when needed.



When we told my parents about the shoes, I was expecting  they would laugh it off. Because we don’t act like your everyday dog owner. We go through great lengths to make our puppies feel happy, safe, and loved. As they are our children, except with fur. But instead they applauded the idea. ‘We like to give you the shoes they need, they are our grandpups, and they deserve only the best.’ was their answer.

So today Kuzco and Malha will get their Italian summer trim, aka super-duper short trim. So we can roam the streets of Florence, wear paw-protection when needed, and eat spaghetti and ice-cream in the shade.

Yes!!! I am going to start packing!!!! (happy, bouncing, clapping of hands)







The 28th of June my sister gave birth to her third child. A beautiful baby girl named Charlie.

The moment I received the message she was born, I was overrun with emotion. I wanted to race down the hospital to congratulate my sister, and off course meet my new little niece. I was at the physical therapist at that time, and when I finally got home, Ramon was there as well for a pit stop between clients. I jumped around his neck to say hello, and tell him the news of little Charlie being born. I rushed through the things I had to do before I could go, and had to catch my breath in the meantime. My body was shaking all over, and every deep breath was quickly followed by the next one. I wanted to give Ramon a quick hug and kiss when I was ready to go, but when I wanted to let him go, he pulled me tighter. Then he whispered in my ear; ‘Take it easy, it’s just another floor in a hospital you visit almost daily. You just go in and out, to congratulate your sister. You can do this.’


There were the tears that I clearly pushed away so hard. I didn’t want to know what was the matter, even though I knew off course.  Why I felt so nervous, and sad, and scared, where there only ought to be exhilarating joy and happiness to welcome my little niece, and visit the most happy floor in a hospital.  The pressure that was pounding on my chest, was the anger for feeling these feelings together with the happiness and exhilarated joy that were also there. I didn’t want to give room for the other feelings. I’m not allowed, it’s not about me, it’s about my sister. So don’t be such a baby! But when Ramon said those words together with his ever so tight hug, I dried my tears, and looked  in his eyes when I let go, and smiled. ‘You’re right. It’s just another floor. Nothing to it. I can do this. This is a happy time!’



When I arrived at the hospital, I bought a pink balloon at the gift shop. With every step I came closer to the maternity ward, I squeezed my hand tighter around the balloon, and my heart beat like a kettle drum. I took several deep breaths when I opened the door, and let the happiness seep on in.

I was so proud of my sister. Even though she looked tired, she looked beautiful. And when my eye caught little Charlie, I instantly fell in love. I looked at her, but was afraid to touch her. So I didn’t.  I sat down, and watched my other niece being totally in awe with her new little sister, and my nephew acting the total opposite.  I smiled, because my nephew and niece were as if I watched my feelings had come to life. I was in love and in awe of this tiny human being, and I was acting like it didn’t do me anything at all, to keep my emotions in check.



And the longer I watched  Angel, the more I couldn’t control my emotions anymore. It is an image that is seared in my brain. The love she had for her sister was so beautiful and real.  I wanted to cry. I wanted to do the ugly cry. So it was time to leave. I gave my sister a kiss, and promised I would come back later together with Ramon.

When I came home, both Kuzco and Malha had clearly felt my energy when I left. But Kuzco knows me for over 10 years now. So he knows what’s going on, but little Malha was rather upset. And I don’t believe Kuzco explained it very well to her. Better yet I think he told her, I had left because I was sad and disappointed in Malha, and Ramon left too off course for the same reason.  So now they may never come back again….

Yes, Kuzco has a dark side inside of him….

When I came home, she was even more happy than usual, and had her face covered in sunflower remainders. She proudly picked up one completely torn flower, as if to say, ‘Look, I’ve counted all the leaves, and only two remained. The last one was going to be “she loves me, and will come back home”. And you are!!! You are home, and you love me!!!!!’



I didn’t smile on the spot, because ….. my beautiful sunflowers!!!!  ……



But then I saw her face, and I could only laugh and hug her. Off course Kuzco waited until I wouldn’t sound angry, so when he heard me laugh, he pushed himself between me and Malha for a group hug.

Molly and Malha

‘Malha-Malha-Malha!!! For the gazillionth time, stop pulling so hard on your leash!!! You are such a naughty dog!’



Malha woke up with a start, when her dream ended with Ramon being very angry at Malha. It made her feel so sad. She was dreaming of the walk they made together that same afternoon. Malha was so happy Ramon took her for a walk, that she just couldn’t contain herself. It is so much fun outside. Nice smelling grass, branches, twigs, and funny shaped balls called pinecones to play with. People everywhere, which means head-scratches and new dog friends everywhere!

Must. Hurry. Now. Ramon!



But Ramon wasn’t amused. Even worse, he used his scary heavy voice, and didn’t gave her kisses and hugs when they came home. She was send to her dogbed, to cool off.

Cool off??? She didn’t understand. It wasn’t hot at all. And she just wanted to share her exhilarating joy of facing all the wonders of the outside together with Ramon.

What an awful dream it was. What ever could she do to make Ramon just as happy as she is when they are outside?



And then she knew. She thought of her dear friend Molly, she met in the park. Molly is just a little bit older than she is, and Malha looked up at her. Molly is huge, and she has the same colors Malha has. Black, reddish brown, and a little bit of white. So they are practically twins. Molly is sweet, and gentle, but likes to play just a little rougher than pretty little girls ought to do. Malha was convinced Molly could be her big sister. Maybe Molly could tell her what to do to make Ramon happy again.

So the next time Malha and Molly met in the park, Malha asked Molly for help.



‘Oh yes, I know what you are talking about. When Ramon takes you out for a walk, you are supposed to walk beside him with the leash hanging loose. When Ramon tells you to sit down, and separates the leash, then you can run and play and act silly.’

Malha scratched behind her ears. ‘Do I really have to walk that slow? But I want to have fun!!!’

‘Do you wish to learn or not? I can help you to learn to follow, it isn’t all that bad you know.’ Molly gave Malha a nudge which made Malha tumble. ‘Come, first we play.’ Malha was laughing loudly. It was just so much fun playing with Molly.



And while they played, Molly held her leash at Malha. ‘Come try and take the other end of the leash.’ Malha still thought they were playing, so she ran after Molly laughing and growling.



When Malha had the leash between her teeth, Molly made Malha run next to her. Still Malha giggled.



This was so much fun!



When Molly stopped her pace, she told Malha to pull as hard as she could.



Off course Malha couldn’t win. Molly is so much bigger and stronger. But Malha felt so happy. She let go of the leash, and walked beside Molly.



‘You see? Just see it like it is. Playing together, not only to make you feel happy, but also the one you’re playing with. Then they want to play with you even more!’

Molly was wise. She was absolutely right. This was a lot of fun. And it wasn’t all that bad to follow.

So when it was time for puppy school again, Malha felt confident. She so much wanted to show how much she had learned from her friend.



Ramon stood before Malha, and smiled. Are you ready for school today? Please show me the big girl I know you are. You can do this my little dragon!’ Ramon cuddled Malha before she took off her backpack. Then gave her a big kiss, and off they went.

And you know what?



Malha proudly followed Ramon with the leash hanging loose. And both of them were so happy that learning new things at puppy school, wasn’t all that bad and hard. It was just the same as playing together.


Read this story in Dutch! (My first translated one!)

Molly en Malha (Nederlands)

‘Malha-Malha-Malha!!! Voor de honderdduizendmiljoenste keer, stop met trekken aan je riem!!! Je bent een hele stoute hond!’



Malha schrok wakker uit een droom waar Ramon heel boos was op Malha. Dat maakte haar heel verdrietig. Ze droomde over die zelfde middag, toen ze samen aan het wandelen waren. Malha was zo ontzettend blij dat ze samen buiten waren, dat ze bijna uit haar velletje barste van blijdschap. Het is namelijk ook zo ontzettend leuk buiten! Overal lekker ruikend gras, en takken, en twijgjes, en onwijs grappig gevormde ballen om mee te spelen, die ze dennenappels noemen. Er zijn ook echt o-ve-ral mensen, wat betekend; lekkere oorkriebels en nieuwe honden vriendjes om mee te spelen.

We. Moeten. Echt. Opschieten. Ramon!



Maar Ramon was niet net zo blij als Malha. Sterker nog, hij gebruikte zijn nare zware stem, en gaf geen kusjes en knuffels toen ze thuis kwamen. Ze moest naar haar mandje…. om af te koelen.

Malha begreep er niets van. Afkoelen? Maar het is helemaal niet heet. Het enige wat ze wilde was haar intense geluk met Ramon delen, over alle fantastische, wonderlijke, dingen die je buiten kan vinden.

Maar Ramon was boos.

Wat een vreselijke nare droom was het toch. Wat zou ze nou toch kunnen doen om Ramon weer blij te maken als ze buiten zijn.



Ineens wist ze het. Ze dacht aan haar lieve vriendin Molly, die ze in het park had ontmoet. Molly is ietsje ouder dan Malha, en Malha kijkt erg naar haar op. Molly is namelijk heel groot, en heeft dezelfde kleuren als zij. Zwart, rood-bruin, en een beetje wit. Eigenlijk zijn ze dus gewoon een tweeling.

Molly is lief, en doet heel voorzichtig, maar kan ook lekker rollebollen zoals kleine, lieve, meisjes eigenlijk niet horen te doen. Malha was ervan overtuigd dat ze zusjes waren. Dus misschien dat Molly haar kan vertellen hoe ze Ramon weer blij kan maken.

Al gauw liepen ze weer in het park, en kon Malha haar vraag aan Molly stellen.



‘O. jazeker. Ik weet wel wat je bedoeld hoor Malha.’ zei Molly toen Malha haar weer tegen kwam in het park. ‘Áls Ramon met je gaat wandelen, hoor je netjes naast hem te lopen met de riem losjes tussen jullie inhangend. Wanneer Ramon je verteld te moeten zitten, en je riem los maakt…dan pas mag je rennen, spelen, en gek doen.’

Malha krabbelde achter haar oren. ‘Moet is echt zo langzaam lopen? Maar ik wil juist spelen!!’

‘Wil je het leren of niet? Ik kan je helpen om te leren volgen. Zo erg is het heus niet hoor.’ Molly gaf Malha een duwtje, waardoor Malha om viel. ‘Kom, dan gaan we eerst spelen.’ Malha moest vreselijk hard lachen. Het was zo ontzettend leuk om met Molly te spelen.



Terwijl ze druk aan het spelen waren, hield Molly haar riem voor Malha. ‘Probeer het andere eind van de riem te pakken als je kan.’



Malha dacht dat ze nog steeds aan het spelen waren, dus Malha rende al lachend en grommend achter Molly aan.



Toen Malha eindelijk de riem te pakken had, rende ze naast Molly mee. Malha had nog steeds dikke pret. Het was zo leuk!



Molly stopte met rennen, en gaf Malha de opdracht heel hard aan de riem te trekken. Zo hard als ze maar kon!



Natuurlijk kon kleine Malha het niet winnen. Molly is zo groot en sterk. Maar dat scheelde Malha niets. Ze was zo vrolijk en blij, dat Malha uit haar zelf de riem weer los liet, en naast Molly ging lopen.



‘Zie je nou wel? Zelfs volgen kan leuk zijn. Eigenlijk is volgen ook een beetje spelen. Want als je samen speelt, maak je elkaar blij. En hoe blijer ze zijn, hoe meer ze willen spelen en lachen met je.’

Jeetje. Molly was echt heel wijs. Ze had gelijk. Dit was echt heel leuk. Volgen was heus zo erg niet.

De volgende dag was het weer tijd voor puppy school. Malha had er zin in. Ze wilde zo graag laten zien wat ze van Molly geleerd had.



Ramon stond tegenover Malha, en lachte. ‘Ben je er helemaal klaar voor? Laat je me zien wat voor een grote meid jij wel niet bent? Ik weet zeker dat je het kan, klein draakje van me.’ Voordat Malha haar schooltas af deed om aan de les te beginnen, gaf Ramon haar nog snel even een dikke knuffel met een nog dikkere kus er achter aan.

En weet je wat?



Malha volgde vol trots Ramon met de riem losjes tussen hun in hangend. Ze hadden het zo naar hun zin, dat al de nieuwe dingen die ze moest leren, helemaal niet zo naar en moeilijk bleken te zijn. Het was gewoon hetzelfde als spelen.




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