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Yesterday was the last day of two weeks on a row of shitty things to do. I had the cystoscopy, which in the end wasn’t as horrible as told. I think because it’s like the procedure I do every day, every two hours. So I am used to how it feels. Never thought I would […]


  The 28th of June my sister gave birth to her third child. A beautiful baby girl named Charlie. The moment I received the message she was born, I was overrun with emotion. I wanted to race down the hospital to congratulate my sister, and off course meet my new little niece. I was at […]

Molly and Malha

‘Malha-Malha-Malha!!! For the gazillionth time, stop pulling so hard on your leash!!! You are such a naughty dog!’     Malha woke up with a start, when her dream ended with Ramon being very angry at Malha. It made her feel so sad. She was dreaming of the walk they made together that same afternoon. […]

Molly en Malha (Nederlands)

‘Malha-Malha-Malha!!! Voor de honderdduizendmiljoenste keer, stop met trekken aan je riem!!! Je bent een hele stoute hond!’     Malha schrok wakker uit een droom waar Ramon heel boos was op Malha. Dat maakte haar heel verdrietig. Ze droomde over die zelfde middag, toen ze samen aan het wandelen waren. Malha was zo ontzettend blij […]