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  When I saw this piece of art, it was like someone had draw the exact image of how I feel right now.   Nothing seems to work with me, only against me. The everlasting pain is growing worse and worse every day. Catheterization had to be turned up a nudge instead of less, my […]


When Malha was three months and bit old, she woke up with a cherry eye. Simply put, it’s a disorder of the third eyelid, where the gland pops out of its pocket due to too much space. At least, that was I was told. At first, it scared the hell out of me. She was […]


    I had to go for a yearly check-up to the hospital in Leiden, the LUMC . I didn’t expect much after my last visit last year. My condition is rare, at least rare enough to not do more tests to find some cure, or some less destructive medication on the long run. […]


  Mother’s day has always been a celebrated tradition in our family. When we were little, my sister and I struggled through the amazing breakfast in bed, balancing on a tray with all eyes focussed on our self-made presents we’d created at school. The croissants were replaceable, our DIY not! The song we were supposed […]


When Ramon has to go away for a couple of days, whether its work-related or going on a motorcycle trip with friends, I always go through three stages. First one, being totally exited to be on my own for a few days. I love some  good company but I also love it very much just […]


  I’m already enjoying my mother’s gift to the fullest. Yesterday she came by and help me do housekeeping. Lately I keep feeling worse and worse physically, which eventually nibbles hard on my emotional state of mind. Because I’m getting less and less stuff done, because I simply don’t have the energy for it, I’m […]


I had a rough night. I was dreaming and scheming. When it was almost at the break of dawn, I had at least a 1001 plans on how I would take over the world this Sunday together with Kuzco and Malha. Ramon had to leave at lunchtime for a biker ride with my dad. But […]


  ‘Oh, you are so gifted!!! You truly have the Midas touch!’ Is something I hear often. I have learned to nod and smile politely, but deep down I can only think how much I would rather have bought it in a store. I always say it’s not a gift, it a necessity born out […]