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  This is such a weird day. It really holds every aspect of life, and all the emotions. When we got up this morning, we were already tired because we dreaded the thing we had to do. Accompany someone whom either is angry or sad. Today the angry flower definitely blossomed fiercely. But it didn’t […]


  Today I got mail. Uhmmm, wrongly said…. off course I get mail, I get lots and lots of mail. But they mostly consists of bills to be payed, advertisement, extremely pushy advertisement, website notifications, and occasionally some friends or family mail. But this particular kind of mail I received today, is the one that […]


  I was looking through the pictures Ramon made yesterday of our walk through the dunes with Kuzco and Malha. I had written a new story about Kuzco and Malha their tail this weekend, and I knew there would be some great photos of them to use for my drawings.     While I was […]


Today was a wonderful day.     I finally finished the last drawing that was needed for my story of Benjamin and Kuzco. It was a story that was written a year ago, but because so much has happened over the past year, I wasn’t able to sit down and draw. It has took me […]

Whatever happened to Benjamin?

It was like an escape from the zoo. Everybody running around, loud noises everywhere. The only one wise enough to lay low, was observing from his dogbed. Kuzco was amazed.     It seemed like the world  turned upside down. Kuzco is usually the one who is jumping, running, and barking, but today everyone except […]


  The last couple of days were truly gruesome. It hurt so much, constantly, that it was hard to stay bright and happy. Ramon literally felt sick of worry. And like he said this morning, while I snuggled deep into his neck because I desperately needed a good luck hug; ‘This is what I fear. […]