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There I went. Totally innocent, without having prepared myself for the possibility of having to strip down all of my cloths. I went to the hospital to undergo two tests at the urology. For over a year now, I have been complaining of terrible stomach pains and way too many urinary infections. To exclude all […]


Last Thursday was payday. In my opinion the best day of the month. For just a moment, I feel so rich, especially when I can go shopping to restock our fridge. On Thursdays there is our local market. The weather was good, so I decided to celebrate this joyful day, to buy fresh herbs, vegetables, […]


Something you will never hear me say, is that I am good at improvising, just as I really cannot multi task. But somehow these last few days went wonderfully, even though nothing turned out as I planned. It almost seemed like I am starting to get good at it… almost….. I still want to have […]


I love it when I am waked by the rays of sunlight that gently kisses my sleepy face. Then, when I open my eyes, and see our room covered with the most wonderful warm yellow light, and already hear the birds tweeting their song, I don’t mind to get up and run outside with little […]


  Something has changed. My mindset. I feel happier, lighthearted even. And all it took was our very first fight. Ramon and I are together for 17 years now, and never ever have we had a serious fight. Sure, we have been angry with each other once in a while, but it always cleared up […]


  I am still blown away by an amazing compliment ever given to me. It’s funny how things cross your path to make you feel good about yourself, when you have the hardest time to keep being self-encouraging. Like life is saying; ‘Joyce, you’re still on the right track. You see? Keep your head up […]


I was sulking when I stood on the scale this morning. I had gained four pounds last week, and today it was clear I have lost six again, which makes it 26 pounds all together now. These last few weeks I have been so very sick. I had a terrible case of thin stool containing […]