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This Christmas we were royalties. At least, that’s how it felt.     We were invited by Ramon’s brother and sister in law to celebrate Christmas in a fancy hotel in Roermond together with my mother in law. I was glad the puppies decided to come early, so I could fully enjoy this wonderful gift. […]


  We held each other’s hand, that was the only earthly thing I felt when we walked home. The rest was floating in the air, as if wings carried us home. We almost sounded like birds  twiddle-dee-doo-ing  while we spoke. So now we can speak bird apparently, because I could understand each word that was […]


  I am overwhelmed with emotion right now. If it wasn’t so dark because of nightfall, I probably would have gone to draw. I need to get it out of my system you see.     Marja texted me that she felt the puppies move in Maya her belly, ever since we got back from […]


Ramon received a gift early this year. A voucher to have an all-expenses paid dinner with four, at Tante Koosje in Loenen aan de Vecht, a well-known star-awarded restaurant. We haven’t had the time yet to collect, until yesterday. We went with our friends  whom joined us at our holiday to Italy last June. We […]


  There has been a calm over IJmuiden these last few days. It was like the elements couldn’t penetrate the shield of fog. Little rays of sunshine could eventually touch the inner layer of the shield, but never pierce through. No wind, which made the water look so serene. Ships appeared and disappeared like they […]


I have a love/hate relationship with the month December. I love the superficial jolliness, and everything being  festively decorated. I love all the special foods you suddenly can buy everywhere, and stuff your face with way too much sugar. I love to watch people buzzing like bees  through the streets, collecting their finest nectar, and […]


There is a crazy long cold that’s knocking me down. I still suffer a little fever, but I promised I would come to help my sister and her best friend, to give some pointers in painting the house. So naturally … I went.     And I had an extremely lovely time, even though I […]


  It was a busy, but wonderful day.     We had a photoshoot with Kuzco and Maya. I saw a post on the Country Living website, with a dachshund couple expecting puppies.  And I got stoked. I really wanted to do this as well, but I didn’t know how Marja would react to this […]