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I am so extremely happy! The kind of happy where you have to wiggle your fingers and toes from time to time to get rid of the happiness build-up that makes it tickle. This is such a nice feeling for a change. I joined Marja yesterday to take Maya to the vet for an ultrasound. […]


Ahhhhh…. The lovely early morning wake up, with the frost making the most beautiful flowers at the bottom of the bedroom window. Sun has just come up, and gives the ice flowers a radiant glow, making them even more beautiful. I hear some early bird scratching the ice from his car window, to start his […]


  Happy Thanksgiving!     We have celebrated it bigtime! We definitely needed a little happiness, laughter and love over some good food. Ramon’s birthday was last week, and he really wanted to celebrate it this time. “I’m so thankful I still can.” And that made me think of joining the two parties together. So […]