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I have written 10 pieces, just to make sense of how my consult went last Tuesday. It was almost like a crazy dream gone real. I really expected that someone would walk in on us, and would yell; ‘You just got punked!’ And then we all would laugh, and I would give a firm shoulder […]


It’s been a good day. The results were in from my blood test on the hormone levels, and I talked them through with my physician. I didn’t want to go alone, I was a little scared of what outcome could be, so Ramon joined me for moral support. My physician made a sad face, when […]


  I can’t sleep. My mind is going like pigs in a mud bath. Most of them are happy thoughts, but even more than ever, my sad thoughts reappears. We’re getting a baby!!! Like a mantra I keep repeating those words. It’s becoming real now. Off course I’m talking about a puppy, but the butterflies […]


  Well…. That was something different….. Because of the Crohn’s Disease, I am familiar with an endoscopy. The dreadful two days before, and the procedure itself. Although I had forgotten how terribly, terribly, gross the bowel prep actually was. I immediately understood why you have to finish it within an hour by taking little sips […]


Today is a horrible, horrible day. I am only allowed to drink water, tea, or coffee, so no food. Tonight at 18.00 hours I have to start a Bowel prep, to cleanse the inside squeaky clean. Again at 04.30 in the morning tomorrow, and then I finally have the endoscopy tomorrow around 10-ish in the […]


  For two years now, around the months of September and October, I’ve been nagging Ramon to go pick apples and pears in the orchard of the Olmenhorst estate. So, it’s only logical I continued this becoming tradition, this year as well. I almost gave up hope, until Ramon suggested we go this weekend. Oh.My.God!!! […]


Today was a beautiful day for a lo-ooooooong walk through the park with Kuzco. And I mean almost three hours long. Just as long to cover the hours of us missing Ramon, while he was at work. It’s wonderful how good he is doing, and how smooth going-back-to –life is going. But boy… Kuzco and […]


  A rant I had to write in the middle of the night, to be able to put it behind me, and sleep.   I answered a phone call. Quite nice actually. Asking what has happened to Ramon, and how things are going with me. I told what was happening in our lives, and was […]