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I didn’t feel like writing these last few days. Heck, I didn’t feel like doing much of anything for that matter. I being surrounded by so much negative energy, it feels like it swallows me whole. Like I am the most evilest person in the whole wide world. That kind of energy you normally would […]


When you are hoping for a little summer during summer, and only get autumn, you are getting used to the cold, rainy days. So when summer decides to actually give you some summer feeling, because the whining became unbearable, it slaps you in the face with the ultimate summer feeling. ‘Here, and there, and here […]


I got out of bed and without lifting my feet, I shuffled to the bathroom. Still a little groggy I lifted my head to look in the mirror, and in an instant, my eyelids cracked up The Sandman’s hard work. And while the cement was crumbling down, my eyelids remembered their other job…. To keep […]


Holy Hannah, it was as tough as I feared it would be.       I’ve been to the gym this morning. The first time after, give or take 5 weeks. Italy consumed all my energy to experience it to the fullest, and then I became ill with a kidney infection. The first week I […]


  Yesterday was our 12.5 year anniversary. I don’t know if this is celebrated throughout the world, but In Holland it is customary to celebrate certain milestone anniversaries more publicly than, say, your first or eight. The fiftieth is called the ‘golden’ wedding, the twenty-fifth a ‘silver’. I guess the 12.5 year anniversary is celebrating […]


It was an amazing weekend. I still experienced a lot of pain due to the kidney infection, but in a slow but manageable pace, we took the best out of the weekend.     We went to my favorite city, Haarlem, to shop for a baby present. The next day we were going to visit […]


I am so angry right now. I hate it when I have to make a wise decision instead of doing what my heart wants. I hate my body today, for failing on me. I hate that the choices I made in Italy, makes me feel like I’m being punished for doing so. I settled for […]