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  Usually when you really looking forward at something, it turns out to be a bummer. But last weekend was just as great, as I hoped it would be. We went to Antwerp in Belgium to shop for jeans for me. And to make the most of our day, Ramon’s brother and sister in law, […]


My little bundle of joy had his yearly tantrum today.     Once a year I am the most stupid fur-mommy in the whole wide world. And today is the day. The grass spikes are growing strong again this season, and as long as they are still green and soft, they don’t usually do much […]


  In my head I heard a male voice with a Hindu accent when I entered my daily route through the park. Everything was so incredibly green. Everywhere I looked, it was like someone had burst his whole paint ball canon dry. The Zen-feeling immediately took over, thus the Hindu voice. ‘Namasté. My soul, greets […]


It stopped raining outside this morning, as it did in my head. I felt happy. I made some choices today, and I felt good about it. I decided that I will go to my physician tomorrow, tell him about the LUMC, and what’s going on at the moment. And tell him I want to see […]


Throughout the weekend, I was thinking what I was about to write, and I just couldn’t think of something happy. I know I’m writing this whole journal for myself, but I want the positive to control the negative. And this weekend, there were just too many things piling up on the negative side. I called […]


Well, here I sit… a little numb, wearing my brand new Flag Nor Fail shirt, that arrived yesterday after we got home from the LUMC. It couldn’t have arrived at a better moment.     Love Life. I so much wanted this shirt. Because I do, I love life. And now it holds more meaning […]


  Just like a football player, I have done everything in the right order, not to jinx the outcome. When I woke up, I let my left foot touched the floor before I stood up. Brushed my teeth, shaking my head beginning from left to right. Got dressed, and did everything again with full focus […]


  When I stood on the ferry yesterday morning, I was all smiles. It was 7.30, and already it was nice and warm. I was on my way to meet my dad in Velsen-Noord, to go to the gym together. Ramon started a course that is held on every other Saturday for a few months, […]