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Making good use of time. I’m sitting in the waiting area of the hospital, I come to areas I’ve never been before.     I love how hospitals nowadays, put lots of effort in making the surroundings as pleasant as possible. And this waiting area has got it all. Colours, happy paintings, a coffee machine […]


I’ve always had a thing with colors, patterns, and fabric. I remember when I was four years old, my parents redecorated my room. Burgundy and white. I was so happy. I loved the wallpaper with little burgundy flowers on it. Still to this day I can visualize it all in full detail.     And […]


  Well, here we are again.     I dreaded it a bit. But in my mind I knew exactly what I wanted to say, and do, if my doctor would react poorly. But she didn’t, even when I told I wasn’t happy about our last meeting. She listened, and reacted accordingly. So I have […]


  A perfect spending of a last day before Ramon goes to Romania for a week. We had to buy some new socks and shorts, so we decided to go shopping in Amsterdam. It was a super relaxed day, and off course I got a little emotional. I can really cry about anything these days. […]


Appointment number one, check. They will keep me in surveillance, because it still doesn’t look good. Will have to continue the treatment, and I will have to have a keen eye on any birthmark that trouble me more than all the other erratic birthmarks. If so, I can come by immediately, otherwise wait till our […]


  Worry, that is what’s dominated my thoughts for today. I am still very tired with lots of dormant seizures. I had so hoped it would only be one retribution day, but apparently today is as well. But that didn’t cause my worry, only agitation. The scale however, did. This morning I stood on the […]


Our balcony was painted last winter, or rather, paint has been puked all over. I was so disgusted by their manner of work, and how they left it behind when it was so-called done, that I couldn’t care less about redecorating the balcony anymore. Plus the fact that we wanted to buy a house, it […]


  I printed a picture from Facebook containing all the things you need when you are camping. My friend who’s joining us to Italy, tagged my name to make me smile. They are all camping experts compared to me. I have never ever camped in my live, but I do have a strong aversion on […]


  What a perfect day! I couldn’t wish for anything better than this. I woke up with a bright morning sun, and… okay, a slight downer… a cat puking all over our bed. But.. that couldn’t put my happy feeling down, and after cleaning it, ( will be throwing it in the laundry as soon […]


Finally… Ramon is riding his new bike right about now. After two weeks of bad weather, and twisted ankle, he is driving for the first time this year. And meanwhile I’m admiring the freshly colored drawing that I made for my new story.   It’s a good day. I haven’t been to the gym, because […]