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Easter Sunday. We were invited to brunch at my sister’s house. They really took the effort to spoil us rotten. All kinds of bread, sandwich toppings, sweets, cake and off course lots of chocolate eggs. My niece and nephew decorated their Easter eggs while we feasted on all the goods. My dad even showed off his natural talent in eating crazy amounts of food. I lost count after 9 eggs, the pile of eggshells was humongous.

The room was small, which made all the happy family laughter sound as if there were 50 people round the table. It wore me down bigtime, but it was great! Simply because there was so much laughter and happiness. I love moments like these. Especially with my niece and nephew. It was a perfect Easter Sunday.




Every time I see the side car I want to go for a ride. We’ve only checked him twice this winter, but now spring is coming, so we have to start some repair jobs that needs to be done before we can take him for a ride.




My dad had all kind of tools that stood to waist in his shed. He practically never use them anymore, so we could come pick up some tools. Ones we could really put to good use. We barrowed a caddy, and moved all those little gems to our garage. I can’t wait to start, I’m so excited. I will try to be the perfect assistant, and learn all kinds of new stuff. I have already done my area of expertise, and that already looks great. I sowed new covers, because the old ones were fixed with duct tape.




new saddle


For now we will only fix what is absolutely necessary, and when winter comes again, we will restore him to his old beauty again.

23/25 -03-2016

There was Kryptonite sprinkled on our bed two days back. Don’t know who, don’t know when, but I was completely immobilized. Ramon didn’t mind the Kryptonite, he just gave the dust-buster a go, went back to sleep, and then rise and shined the next morning. But me, I was drained. Even my ring had lost its power, and I couldn’t find my recharger, the lantern, anywhere. I really had to find it, but because I was so exhausted, it took me a whole day to find my lantern, and it was just under the bed. Ramon must have bumped it on the floor while he dust-busterd the Kryptonite from the sheets. My Spidey-sense told me I would need a huge amount of energy for the next day, or else I wouldn’t be able to keep the Hulk inside. I had to go to the hospital again.




I got my lantern from under bed, and recharged my ring. With my new regained level of will, I could pay attention, and be entertaining as well.

But with my body still processing the effects of the Kryptonite, it only lasted that afternoon, and had to rest until the next day.

That day is today, and lucky for me it is Good Friday, so Ramon is at home and will be till Tuesday. I put my ring in the lantern, and washed the bed. You can never be too safe. Tomorrow will be a good day, with renewed energy, and most likely lots of laughter. Hulk, Spidey and the rest of the crew, can have a few days off for now.


cracked lips


My mouth has decided I’m not allowed to smile today.

‘No matter’, I thought, ‘I won’t have to smile anyway today.’ I have to go to the hospital this afternoon, to accompany my mother in law. So no place for laughter, but only utter seriousness.

But this morning I have noticed I smile way more often than I thought I did.

Countless times already I have cracked the cut open. I smile everywhere. So after I went to the park with Kuzco, my upper lip was throbbing, a the cut stung like hell. When I came home and looked in the mirror, it looked like I colored my lips like a Geisha. A square of dried blood on the center of my lips.

It’s not something new to me. I regularly have a cracked upper lip. When Ramon and I were dating for the second time, I sat across the dining table, and when I felt I little nervous after two whole minutes of staring in each other’s eyes, I couldn’t help myself. I said in nothing but innocence, ‘ I suffer from a chronic gash midway.’ Off course I was referring to a cracked upper lip, but together with the head nodding towards his mouth, that all made it a little bit ambiguous. When it came clear to me Ramon’s shocked, but happy, facial expression was about a whole other meaning, that certainly cracked the ice.

But for today I will generally smear some Vasaline on my lips, because there’s absolutely no certainty I won’t smile today.




When I woke up this morning I made Ramon‘s breakfast, his coffee to go, and lunch, like every other morning. Gave him a kiss, told him I loved him, and waved him goodbye, like every other morning. But what wasn’t like every morning, was the call I got only 5 minutes after Ramon had left. It was Ramon, or better yet, Ramon’s car that called me. At least, that’s what Ramon told me. He just was listening to the radio, when out of the blue, the car kit started dialing my number.

Well, whaddayaknow, I’m actually being missed by a car, and not just any car. Ramon’s car.

I just got a little slingshot back in time. I almost wished I answered the phone with, ‘Dr Bonnie Barstow here, what can I do for you Michael? Is KITT okay?’

Ohh, how I swooned when I was just a wee lass, watching The Knight Rider. And now, many, many years later, I got a call from the car-KITT!

My morning couldn’t start any better than this. Too bad Ramon had to spoil my special moment when he started laughing, and blamed it on condensation in the touchscreen of the carkit. ‘Really, I will have to do something about it! I’m glad it was your number this time. It will call random people from my contact list.’

Hmmm, well, thank you very much. Goodbye lovely fantasy moment.

At least he was glad it was me, and we chatted all the way untill he reached his destination. So it was still a happy monday morning.


It was late in the afternoon, and I was driving to the park. While I was driving, I was thinking about what to write about today. We have been swimming this morning, and I had a funny thing happening, which I could tastefully tell about, but didn’t have any pictures to accompany it. Many thing crossed my mind, but I was not yet sure what the subject was going to be.

Until the story presented itself.

I was almost there, when I heard a loud sizzling sound coming from under my mobility scooter.

A flat tire.


mobility scooter


And a fierce one I dare say. Within two meters my wheel rim scratched the street. I really hate when this is happening. Because experience tells me this is going to take a while. I called the emergency hotline, only to hear they are closed on Sundays. Then I called the workshop, only to answer a voicemail leaving my name and number.

20 minutes later I was called back, by a shady voice with a foreign accent, telling me I have to wait two to four hours until he can come to help me.

Well then, two to four hours it will be.

I called Ramon, and thank God he picked up the phone. He was taking a very sound asleep nap. He came over to walk with Kuzco, so I could wait for the repair man.

The shady voice called me again, but this time to ask for the exact location I’m at. He told the customer before me, to wait, because my matter was more pressing. The shady voice suddenly became a nice foreign voice. Within an hour and a half he arrived, and I really had to put my prejudgment aside.

It was a really nice guy. I now could understand him better, than when we talked over the phone. He fixed my tire, and even inflate the other two tires to the right pressure. Yes, I had to wait a while, but this was the nicest repair man I ever had the pleasure to meet.

While waiting I had the most worst things to say about the service, and was about to write all my complaints in an angry email to the company. But all my complaints vanished into thin air, after meeting the repair man. So maybe I will still send an email to the company, but this time concerning the good man, and his excellent feel for customer service.


bike on trailer


Today we drove to Maassluis to pick up the bike.

It really was exiting. Ramon had never driven with a bike trailer before, let alone with a new bought bike. He was real nervous. He seldom is nervous, so it was funny to see, and for me, to be the cool and calm one this time. But there was nothing to be nervous about, he did great, as usual. So it was only logical to be cool and calm, I already knew he would do great.

It was a good practice for our trip to Italy next June. Then he will drive with two bikes on a trailer. And this trailer we used today, was poorly equipped. So knowing what we do now, we had all the information we needed for renting a trailer for Italy. As we immediately have done.




Today turned out to be daddy-day.

After we picked up Kuzco from the dog groomer, it was all clear that Kuzco and Ramon were like two peas in a pot today. Kuzco’s hair was just as short as Ramon’s. Totally biker ready.

Then they dropped me off at the doctor, and in the meantime they would hang out together. They went to the beach and played, and Kuzco swam, and they romp around some more. I was amazed how only this tiny moment could change so much in Kuzco’s behavior towards Ramon.

The last few weeks Kuzco ignored Ramon, he didn’t want to cuddle anymore, and kisses were only given after several demands. I told Ramon he should interact more with Kuzco, but with work overloading, and other stressful events, he was just too tired.

When they picked me up from the doctor, the whole energy inside the car was bright and happy. When we were home and walked upstairs, Kuzco even waited on each level to give Ramon a kiss as well. And when we snuggled on the couch together, Kuzco wanted to cuddle with Ramon.

I don’t believe the saying ‘a dog’s love is unconditional’. It certainly isn’t in Kuzco’s case, that much has proven today.


It was definitely time for the hairdresser. For all of us. Tomorrow Kuzco would be groomed, but today it was our turn to go. Ramon wanted something completely different this time, and his hair was long enough to choose from different styles. It turned out short, the helmet proof style. Very nice.

I just wanted my split ends cut, nothing special. But dear o dear, how that turned out completely the opposite.

My regular hairdresser Ben, is working less since he turned 65. I had some reality slapped in my face there, because he was the only one permitted to cut my hair. I am a real bitch where it comes to my hair. I want my hair a certain way, and expect that’s how it’s being cut, whether it’s in style or not, and whether or not the hairdresser agrees.

Now his son has taken over this huge responsibility, and he has done well the last few times. Still have my Barbra Streisand/Annie style, with a hint of a-symmetry. But today he not only used the scissors, but he even used the clippers.






I was in shock. I couldn’t quite see what he was doing because his arms blocked my vision. But when he was called to help another colleague, I could see my reflection. And for a moment, no blood was running through my brains anymore.

It was way too short!

It almost looked like a one sided Mohawk. My eyes wanted to cry, but while I kept staring at my reflection, I kind of started to like it. I always wondered how it would look like, and now I know. I almost wanted to do the other side as well, but I am glad I didn’t. I like the bad-ass look, but I love the classic look even more. So I think I will skip the next visit, and let it grow back to my comfortable length of hair.

But for now, I embrace my baby-Mohawk, and use gel

….lots of it.





Benjamin is doing well. The results were positive, which means we know absolutely nothing. Terribly annoying, because nothing is solved at the moment, and we are back at square one. We will let it rest for the moment, and see how Benjamin’s doing in the coming weeks. But I’m glad he is home, and that he isn’t in shock from the whole ordeal.

This morning the sun was shining, and I really felt like writing. So before I even considered making breakfast for myself, I made a cup of coffee and let the morning sun warm my back, while I started writing.

It is going to be a cute little story about Benjamin going to the vet, and Kuzco wanting Jaap the sheep being tended to his wounds also. And as I stitched Jaap’s wounds, so was Benjamin getting his treatment at the vet.

I will have to make some beautiful drawings off course to make the story come to life, but that is something for another day.


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