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  Easter Sunday. We were invited to brunch at my sister’s house. They really took the effort to spoil us rotten. All kinds of bread, sandwich toppings, sweets, cake and off course lots of chocolate eggs. My niece and nephew decorated their Easter eggs while we feasted on all the goods. My dad even showed […]


  Every time I see the side car I want to go for a ride. We’ve only checked him twice this winter, but now spring is coming, so we have to start some repair jobs that needs to be done before we can take him for a ride.     My dad had all kind […]

23/25 -03-2016

There was Kryptonite sprinkled on our bed two days back. Don’t know who, don’t know when, but I was completely immobilized. Ramon didn’t mind the Kryptonite, he just gave the dust-buster a go, went back to sleep, and then rise and shined the next morning. But me, I was drained. Even my ring had lost […]


  My mouth has decided I’m not allowed to smile today. ‘No matter’, I thought, ‘I won’t have to smile anyway today.’ I have to go to the hospital this afternoon, to accompany my mother in law. So no place for laughter, but only utter seriousness. But this morning I have noticed I smile way […]


  When I woke up this morning I made Ramon‘s breakfast, his coffee to go, and lunch, like every other morning. Gave him a kiss, told him I loved him, and waved him goodbye, like every other morning. But what wasn’t like every morning, was the call I got only 5 minutes after Ramon had […]


It was late in the afternoon, and I was driving to the park. While I was driving, I was thinking about what to write about today. We have been swimming this morning, and I had a funny thing happening, which I could tastefully tell about, but didn’t have any pictures to accompany it. Many thing […]


  Today we drove to Maassluis to pick up the bike. It really was exiting. Ramon had never driven with a bike trailer before, let alone with a new bought bike. He was real nervous. He seldom is nervous, so it was funny to see, and for me, to be the cool and calm one […]


  Today turned out to be daddy-day. After we picked up Kuzco from the dog groomer, it was all clear that Kuzco and Ramon were like two peas in a pot today. Kuzco’s hair was just as short as Ramon’s. Totally biker ready. Then they dropped me off at the doctor, and in the meantime […]


It was definitely time for the hairdresser. For all of us. Tomorrow Kuzco would be groomed, but today it was our turn to go. Ramon wanted something completely different this time, and his hair was long enough to choose from different styles. It turned out short, the helmet proof style. Very nice. I just wanted […]


  Benjamin is doing well. The results were positive, which means we know absolutely nothing. Terribly annoying, because nothing is solved at the moment, and we are back at square one. We will let it rest for the moment, and see how Benjamin’s doing in the coming weeks. But I’m glad he is home, and […]