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joyce and kuzco


Still exhausted, and more background seizures than usual. Even so, it was a productive day with lots of laughter. We held a miniature photoshoot. I wanted some pictures of me and Kuzco laying on the ground covered with drawings. Kuzco is very photogenic, when he sees the camera, and he is in a good mood, he will do everything you ask him to. But today had had a little grumpy start. He was a bit grouchy, which of course made us laugh. But after a view shots, and us laughing and promising him a puff pastry afterwards, he acted like a little clown, and even his grumpy face changed into a happy one. Unfortunately the photo’s weren’t good enough, the lighting was wrong. So hopefully next weekend it will be a bright sunny day, so we can increase the shutter speed to get sharper pictures.


joyce and kuzco


After a quick moment of rest, we went to Haarlem to shop for specific socks and grey undershirts to complete Ramon’s look for the upcoming VSK expo next week. We had a small budget, but with a big department store going bankrupt, we could have some luck finding items with a big discount. And we did. We bought 2 grey shirts with a V-neck, just as the Gentleman’s Gazette suggested, and some basic socks. The fancy ones were not on discount. While we were walking back to the car, I noticed a new shop with all kinds of tea and herbs. We went in, and I swear I was in kitchen-heaven for a moment. I didn’t know where to look first, and where I would dive my nose in first. Walls were filled from top to bottom with storage jars, and everything was sorted like the bookstore does. It was beautiful. We bought a little bag with a Ceylon based mélange, so Ramon would try a cup as well. He only drinks coffee, and lots of. So to reduce the amount of coffee intake, he wanted to try some tea. But black tea of course, made as strong as coffee. Nothing to shocking strange like herbal tea, he wants his hot water infused with man stuff, dark and strong. It was such a nice afternoon, and I was so happy and exhausted. I didn’t expect Ramon would really drink the tea, but surely enough he joined me when I made a pot. This day couldn’t have ended better. In a strange way I find it comforting cozy to make a pot of tea on a cold rainy day, and snuggle together on the couch. More so than drinking a cup of coffee together.





protein bars


I want to be well rested for tomorrow, so today was a sort of prep day. Many naps, bit of drawing for a new story to come, defying the storm with Kuzco for his walk, and making my protein bars. I’ve been following Anna Sward on her website for quite some time. She writes funny, and creates the most amazing recipes, and I’ve tried a lot of them. One of my favourite is a protein bar she makes, with only three ingredients, and it’s (most of the times) a bar I can actually eat, and process.


protein bars


Goji berries, medjool dates, and whey protein powder, that’s it. And if you would like you could dip the delicious chewy bar in chocolate to make a crunchy coat. So today I made a new batch which I store in the freezer, and take one out Saturday morning before I head to the gym.


protein bars


But I didn’t have enough goji berries, so this time I used dried cranberries instead. To help my bladder and kidneys a bit, I take cranberry vitamins every day, so this is actually even a better choice for me. And would you believe it even tastes more amazing than the ones with goji berries. I have plenty in stock again, so lots of good Saturdays ahead of me, at least when I’m able to train.


protein bars


Didn’t have to throw up all day. Amazing how quickly my mind settles in its new state of the last few days. Because I couldn’t make the connection myself, why I was feeling so insanely tired. Now I do. Hopefully it will be better with each sustenance I take.


My mother came to see me, and as always, time flew by. We laughed, hugged, went for a walk, and shopped at a little antique shop in town, and the nicest part of it all, we stood in the kitchen making food together.


I adore food, always have. All the sensations it brings, taste, smell, the way it looks and feels. I’m not an emotional eater, I eat with emotion. And today it was all about happiness, silliness, and good memories. In a way, we were like the spring onions.

spring onion

Two happy, flavourful, individuals, in many ways alike, chopping all their stories in way to many words, but brightening up the whole dish, making it a wonderful warm loving day.






While I was eating my breakfast, I was looking at the CountyLiving website. I stumbled across an item called ’20 Weirdly soothing images’. I believe I can use something soothing, so a perfect time to go through this article.

The last piece of a puzzle, nothing more gratifying than putting the last piece in place– Give me a puzzle, and I really want to hit someone after finding number three to fit, of a thousand pieces, so no thank you.

Bare feet on a cozy rug– Yes that could be nice.

Pears that nestle together– Sure, that would make me happy as well.

Organized junk drawers– Yep, that will do, but don’t feel like it at the moment.

Ducklings with their mom– Que??

Books sorted by color– Duh! I would go crazy if they weren’t. So got that already for years now.

Any kind of tea– Okay, could see that work, but a nice glass of whiskey could do the same thing, I believe.

Queen Elizabeth’s all purple outfit– Hmmm, a desperate way of filling the numbers…

Perfectly organized pantries– Yesss, I will sort it out again. Good idea!

Pencils organized by color– O. My. God. …… Yesssss…….

A smart refrigerator– Okay, that could work, but not in our house. Too small, too many stuff of weird sizes.

An address directory– Uhhm, I finally use my cellphone…..

Finishing an elaborate cake– YES!!! I did one last Christmas, and it was very rewarding, but soothing….. ?

Synchronized swimmers– ……WTF???

Water droplets on a window, there’s nothing like the kaleidoscope effect water creates on a window to remind us of the soothing sound of listening to a storm while curled up in bed– after reading the follow up, yes, agreed.

An orange peel strip– sounds a bit desperate to me.

Symmetric floors and feet– yes, it can really disturb me when one foot is larger than the other. I feel so calm now, knowing I’m not the only one.

A blank calendar– Duh, just don’t write anything down then….

Fresh sheets on a bed– Oh yes!!! Yes-yes-yes!!!!

Forks woven together– What???? Then you probably haven’t been brought up by an overly superstitious mother. Anything with cutlery doesn’t predict anything soothing, accept an argument, or infortune of any kind.

So my day was well spend. Put some fresh sheets on the bed, organized my pencils by color, and organized my pantry. Stared at my perfectly symmetric feet on my perfectly symmetric wooden floor for a while, wiped my calendar clean, drank a cup of tea, and put my icy cold feet on a hot water bottle. Yes, I’m totally relaxed and happy today.






I was stoked!! The pharmacy called to tell me my medicine were there to pick up.  Burping a very acidic gas of air, apologizing for my rudeness, I almost pulled the girl through the telephone line to kiss and squeeze her to death, shouting, ‘O thank you so very much!! You don’t know how happy this is making me. I’m coming as soon as I can!’ Had to throw up two times after that, I had a cup of tea after all, and I raced with my nine miles per hour, the fastest my mobility scooter can go with backwind, to my pharmacist. I straightened my curls, and gave her a Godfather-like thank you. ‘This time, I’ll leave my gun and take the cannoli. But next time….’ I could see she didn’t have the faintest idea what I was talking about. But it’s okay, I’m happy.


While I was riding my scoot anyway, I decided to go the paint store. I got the colors I needed to start painting the clogs of a friend. It’s a love/hate kind of job, but I love Ramon’s friend to death, so practically every year I paint some new ones. He wears them as shoes, and wears these with pride when he and Ramon go to see the TT in Assen. So I will start with this new pair of clogs. The baseline is in my head, but which race numbers to use this time, I’ll leave up to Ramon. He has designed them all, so he will most likely have a great idea for this pair of clogs.

painted clogs


It felt like spring has sprung. The air seemed warm, the birds were singing, people looked happier, the daffodils stood proud (although they stood there already, because nature is a bit off lately) and Kuzco had a lot of furry friends to play with in the park. Today was a pleasant day. So it felt only logical to take my yoga mat, and some other stuff I use, to the attic again. Our roof is only wood and roof tiles, no isolation what so ever, so when the temperature is below 0 degrees Celsius outside, the attic will be too. Not today. I wanted to row today. Kuzco joined me, so I gave 1 of my 1001 pillows for him to lay upon. To fall softer during a seizure when I row, there are many many pillows around the rowing machine. I got a seizure, but my face hit the ground, right at the pillowless spot.  When I came to, I was shocked. My face was stuck to the ground. For a second I thought I had an ice burn. That the floor was still as frozen as a couple of days before. It can happen you know!! Just like when you stick your tongue on the drawer of the freezer, for instance. I pulled my face off the ground, and touched it carefully with my hand. It was still sticky. Then I really laughed out loud. It was spray glue, and I couldn’t even remember the last time I had used it. O my gosh, that’s the time I haven’t cleaned the attic. Oi. So it seemed fitting for this lovely spring-like day, to keep a spring-cleaning. Now even the attic smells like flowers!



Today was a rest day. Everything hurts and I am really tired. I can’t hold anything inside, I throw up everything I ate and more. The medicine I got from the pharmacy to fill up the gap until the right ones arrive from Austria, are the ones who made me so terribly ill six years ago. But I will have to sit this though, since there is no alternative, and hopefully the right ones are coming soon.


Saturday!! So gym time. It went great. Still very tired, but it’s wonderful to experience the difference in mindset, and the effect it has on the workout. It still was heavy and painful, but I was happy creating a pain I controlled, and was real focused. Even dad noticed the change. I loved this me that I saw in the mirror, and the pump I got in my muscles. This diary really helps me to get rid of the dark side again, that was pulling on me, and be happy with the little things that are actually of great importance.

joyce kleine


I’m awfully tired today. Had great plans, but had to revise them when midday arrived. But something was high on my to-do list. I wanted to shop for a brown leather belt for Ramon, and so I did. Ever since I said that the only thing missing in his old school being a gentleman, is a handkerchief, he smiled. But later that night he Googled gentleman style, and came across Gentleman’s Gazette on YouTube, and he became so enthusiastic about it, he now is adamant to dress accordingly. I love it. I have always loved Ramon using etiquettes like holding the door for me, any door that is. And how he helps me put on my coat when we leave an establishment. That makes me feel like Ingrid Bergman, or Doris Day, and I devour the old movies they played in. So to start at something simple and relatively inexpensive, I wanted to buy him a brown leather belt to match his new brown leather shoes. Next will be the handkerchief, and a cheaper version than the suggested sock to ware according to the Gentleman’s Gazette.

joyce kleine


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