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Captain Kuzco

Kuzco lay down on his chair, and exhaled with great content. He knocked the dottle from his pipe. ‘There. I won’t be needing this for a while.’ Giving one last cough, putting the pipe back in his box again. The last few days were wonderful. Kuzco had an important job to do. The Sail event […]

Rally championship

Often time’s people have asked me if it isn’t dangerous to ride a mobility scooter with three wheels. I always thought that was the weirdest question, and certainly a poor argument to not want one because of just that. I never in my mobility scooter career have ever flipped over, nor did I believe that […]

On the road

Mama gave her children one last hug before she went to work. ‘Promise me you will look after your little sister, Dante? I have to go to work now. Give me another big kiss you two, I love you very much. Be nice to the babysitter, and behave. Both of you.’ She said with her […]