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While I was stirring my oatmeal on the stove, the only thing I could think of was, still three days till Saturday. Even though my body is so tired today. It’s funny how something can become so addictive. It’s only one day a week, so how can it possibly. Or maybe it is just that. It’s only one day a week, and I am eager to want more. Or maybe it is because it is a remainder of my healthy life, or simply because I am good at it. And seeing my body growing and reacting so well to the iron, on only one day a week.

When I am angry or sad when my body even dares to shut down while I am lifting, my father always reminds where I came from. Three years ago, he took me to the gym, only to sit, watch and smell the particular smell of a gym. I missed it so much, and after a moment in life where I thought it was the end, we thought it would stimulate my thoughts and mood, to just only be there. That went on for quite a while, and then when I was able to slowly strengthen my body again, the physical therapist encouraged me to continue his work under the guidance of my father, a bodybuilder, who has 50 years of experience in the gym, at the place I so loved being. And so it began.


henk kleine


From the beginning my father made me buy a notebook, that I now call my bible. Every Saturday he writes down everything I do, and my job is to keep track of my thoughts, my energy, pain levels, how many seizures I had during the week, and how much food I could sustain. That is a great way to remind myself to be grateful what I have accomplished, even with all the pain in my body. And a great help for the doctors to use as a guide to see when and why something got worse, health wise.  It also keeps me pushing to do better next time. Those two little letters, P and R, Personal Record, has such a nice ring to it. And I made many over the last three years. Even though it’s filled with spikes of better and worse health.

When I am in the gym, my father hovers over me. The hazard of damaging myself while having a seizure during a workout, makes me restricted to use cable and machine only, but even then, he keeps a keen eye on me, so little to nothing can happen.




There was a time where I reached a limit. I knew my muscles could handle more weight, but the rheumatism in my hands prohibited gains. So I got me some lifting hooks and stuck magnets on them for a better grip. So when I need to pull, those hooks take over where my hands let go. And that is something I also love. Finding new ways to make things possible. With my father’s experience, and my own eagerness, we find ways to hit all the muscles. Maybe a little less than ordinary, but enough to still make me grow stronger. But I do believe that not only the act, but also the mind is a strong factor in the willingness to grow. Everything I do, I do with a strong mindset and focus. I picture the muscle in my mind while working on it, and silently whisper: “I Demand You To Grow”. Maybe it’s silly, my father always smiles when he hears my whisper, but I am convinced it only works as good, when you believe. And that it not only works in the gym, I have learned in life as well.


flexing in the gym

Kuzco’s birthday



It was a day like no other day. It was a special kind of day. A day where the house was decorated with balloons and garlands in many colours, paper hats, and colourful tableware. A day Kuzco had never seen before, because it was his first birthday.

Kuzco was amazed with all this special decoration, and he loved playing with all the balloons that bounced on the ground. But what he loved most, were all the nice fragrant coming from the kitchen. And all the cookies and pies he got to taste.

‘What do you think Kuzco? Is it alright by you? Later this day we are going to celebrate your birthday in the park. It is a very special day today, because this is the day that you came into this world. And by doing so, made us so very happy. So just to remind ourselves how grateful we are that you were born, we celebrate this every year on the very same day. We invited lots of your dog friends and human friends, and we are going to eat all these nice cookies and a very special birthday cake. Are you going to help me put everything on this nice platter? And of course you can have a bite of everything, to approve.’

making cake


Kuzco was so happy. This is going to be the best day ever. Together with Benjamin he helped Joyce with the cookies and birthday cake, and when it was finished, Joyce put a beautiful baby blue ribbon with little white polka dots round his neck.


Kuzco always happy


‘Now you really are a birthday boy dear Kuzco.’ Joyce said. ‘Come, and lets go to the park.’


tearoom in the park


So off they went. Joyce, Ramon and Kuzco and all the balloons and cookies and beautiful birthday cake.


birthday cake


And while they sang their way to the park, other people began to sing as well. Kuzco was surprised to see he knew every single one of them. And was even more surprised his dog friends were there to happily sniff his butt and play with him.




There was so much going, that Kuzco didn’t know where to begin. His friends wanted to play and fool around with each other, and his human friends all wanted to pet him, and give him birthday kisses, and give him paper things to tear apart. All the excitement made his ribbon untie.


Kuzco eating cake


When Joyce put the birthday cake on a table, everyone was exited to get a piece from the cake. But the biggest and nicest piece was left for Kuzco. After their bellies were full, Kuzco played some more with his friends in the park and the human sat with each other chatting and laughing.



‘You have the best mum and dad’, his friends told him. ‘To have such a nice birthday, that is something not every dog gets.’

Kuzco was so happy, and when the party ended, he was so tired he couldn’t even jump in bed. So when Joyce grabbed him, gave him a big kiss and cuddled him, she put him in bed. Both Joyce and Ramon stayed with him for a while to see him fall asleep. And when Kuzco did, he had the best dream he ever had, and couldn’t wait for the next birthday to come.


Kuzco sleeping


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