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    Little Angel turns three in a few days. Time flies by so fast. Where she was just a happy little baby, full of smiles and funny faces, she now is becoming a real lady. An Anna Wintour in the making. She loves make-up, shoes, pretty clothes, glitter, ruffles and nail polish. But she […]

Mobility scooter

I have a mobility scooter. When my seizures went down to a minimal of 12 a day, I was able to finally go out by myself. To save energy and keep myself safe during a seizure, this was absolutely a lifesaver. Suddenly I didn’t have to be dependent on others all the time. I did […]

Beware my power!

    Maybe I have to revise the kind of superhero I feel related to. Instead of the Green Lantern with the power of will, to the brute strength of the Hulk. Both are green, so maybe it’s even logical. This revelation came to me, after I wrecked something that wasn’t even supposed to be […]


Something great has happened last week, we bought a 33 year old side-car. And to tell you about it, I wanted to tell a little history behind it. I had wrote a piece some time ago, where I expressed my wish in being able to ride a bike again with Ramon. So when I translated […]

Dante and Angel

    My nephew and niece, children of my sister. They are my little Ot and Sien. Those are the 2 main characters of a Dutch children book written in 1911, with beautiful drawings of Cornelis Jetses. It was one of my favourite bedtime stories, where my father had to countlessly show me the pictures […]

Princess Leia

      During summer, there is a massive growth of grass spikes. Even as a child I hated the sharp stinging feeling they gave when they got stuck on my sweater. So I can only imagine what it must feel like when they pierce through the skin. That is what happens when those grass […]

Little window

‘That could be the right spot, I think. It’s way up high, just like heaven is supposed to be. And that’s where I need to be.’ Jools looked at a chair by the window stacked with pillows. ‘Maybe Spooky is home, and he can come play with me. I miss him so much.’ She climbed […]

Abbey Road

    Sitting in the park, slightly intoxicated by company, the summer breeze and maybe a little drop of wine to many. I couldn’t resist putting a lost feather, heavily polluted by nature as well as undoubtedly its users, stuck under my nose. And with a Pepé le Pew kind of French accent, and my […]

Catterpillow aka Benjamin

    Benjamin looked up at the sky, and didn’t believe his eyes. Was it a bird, was it a plane? No, it was Jaap wearing a red large tissue. And not far behind him, was Kuzco looking rather dashing wearing glasses. ‘Why is Jaap flying and why is there a tissue on his back?’ […]

Park bench

walk through the park

I love to walk through the park, especially on warm sunny days, when Ramon joins me and Kuzco to just relax on a bench, play fetch, and sip on a nice glass of wine. We always end up at the same bench. I really don’t know why, because it isn’t something we discuss beforehand. And […]