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new born


Little Angel turns three in a few days. Time flies by so fast. Where she was just a happy little baby, full of smiles and funny faces, she now is becoming a real lady. An Anna Wintour in the making. She loves make-up, shoes, pretty clothes, glitter, ruffles and nail polish. But she is as rough and tough like her brother. Maybe even more than her brother.

Her birthday wish list was all about Frozen. So princesses and musical songs are going to rule this year, probably in company of go-kart’s and skateboards and a bit of soccer in-between. So Ramon and I will buy her a princess Elsa dress this year, I think. Because you can only sing Let it Go, just like Elsa, when wearing a same dress like her, but the arias have no limits to where they are sung. So I can only imagine you need a couple dresses in stock, for when a dress doesn’t survive a flip flop on the skateboard or a sliding in the muddy grass.


fashion girl


I will call my sister to ask for Angel her dress size. Because she is growing much bigger and faster than my head can comprehend. Everything changes, but some things remain the same.

She still is full of smiles and funny faces, and I hope dearly that will never change.

Mobility scooter

I have a mobility scooter.

When my seizures went down to a minimal of 12 a day, I was able to finally go out by myself. To save energy and keep myself safe during a seizure, this was absolutely a lifesaver. Suddenly I didn’t have to be dependent on others all the time. I did have to swallow a couple of times before I sat behind the steer for the first time. I didn’t feel that disabled, I could walk for that matter. But as soon as I went grocery shopping all by myself, I didn’t mind it at all any more.

I had to get used to the fact that it’s a whole community, though. When a mobile scooter passes by another, you apparently have to wave to each other like some rough, tough bikers do. When you pass by someone who is on the riding hand, then you wave with your legs if their still usable to make a stretch, otherwise you make twitching head movements that may count as a polite nod.

Never noticed that before, until I got part of the community. You are also supposed to talk to every other mobility biker. You can’t just stand next to each other while waiting at the traffic light, or at the ferry, and stare in to the great wide open, like people on bicycles do.


mobility scooter


So while I’m having all these great new experiences, the ones I have during seizures are the most exiting of them all.

After several times of driving into the shelves of the supermarket after a seizure, I was kindly being asked if there was a possibility I could walk instead of using my scooter. We talked it through, and now there are even 2 parking places especially for mobility scooters at the entrance. Feeling kind of special there.

But the one I will never forget, is when I went up the town market, and my sleeve was stuck around the handle. Normally, when I get my seizure, my hands fall down, so it stops immediately, except that particular time. So pressure on the handle continued, and I drove right through a market booth, selling socks and underwear. I battled through some hard punches from several dummy legs, which ended up in my basket. And while people hysterically pulling the legs from off of me, and asking me if I’m alright, the salesman quite agitated, pulls 3 lace strings and a hipster off my ear, saying ‘I believe that is mine missy!’ As if this was some kind of elaborate scheme to steel his goods. Well, I‘ll have to work on that one then.

Still, when I pass by his booth every week or so, he nervously looks at his sales ware, desperately hoping not for a repetition. And so do I.

Beware my power!


beware my power


Maybe I have to revise the kind of superhero I feel related to. Instead of the Green Lantern with the power of will, to the brute strength of the Hulk. Both are green, so maybe it’s even logical.

This revelation came to me, after I wrecked something that wasn’t even supposed to be able to. I had a mouthpiece made at the dentist, because I push my jaws together so hard during a seizure that eventually I brake my teeth. They had to repair 3 again last month, so a mouthpiece would reduce further damage. I would only have to wear it at night. It was completely save, it would stay put during seizures, and it was made of a hard synthetic material, so it would last a lifetime.

7 Days, that’s the time it took for me to bite it in two. One little piece broke off, and ended up, hopefully somewhere at the end of my digestive system.

Maybe I slightly overdid my mind-muscle connection mantra ‘I command you to grow!!’ from CT Fletcher, and this is proof that it actually works. But really… did it have to reveal its power of mind-control by breaking my mouthpiece? Luckily they are making a new one, but different, so this one should last. I think I will only use this mantra when I am in the gym, cause having excessively strong jaws is rather useless, unless my aspiration is to be like Jaws in James Bond ‘The spy who loved me’ off course.

Nope, not attractive in any way. And come to think of it, I won’t have to revise my kind of superhero at all. With the power of my mind I control my muscle, jaws included, so Green Lantern can stay. That’s cool, because the Green Lantern Corps oath is so nice to say out loud with a deep voice. Especially in the supermarket, when someone pushes me aside to grab the last stick of butter.

‘In the brightest day, and the blackest night,

No evil shall escape my sight.

Let those who worship evil’s might,

Beware my power…Green Lantern’s light!’



Something great has happened last week, we bought a 33 year old side-car.

And to tell you about it, I wanted to tell a little history behind it. I had wrote a piece some time ago, where I expressed my wish in being able to ride a bike again with Ramon. So when I translated the piece I wrote during the time we thought I wouldn’t make it, I read it over to see what needed to change.

Omg, it was everything, it was depressing the frell out of me. I certainly made some huge psychological steps forward along the way. So deffinately spare you on that one, and just tell you a lighter version.

It came down to this. I was really sad, angry and desperate, I didn’t want to leave Ramon just yet. It felt so unfair to see and feel everything slipping away from me, while I so much wanted a little bit more from life then it gave me.

I wanted some stability, to be able to enjoy the simplest of things, not even asking for the impossible of being healthy again. I wanted to enjoy the company of my love a little while longer, enjoy his kisses that makes me feel I am the most beautiful person in the whole wide world to him, welcome every new grey chest hair he gained with the warmest smile, and ride our bike together again.




Only this time in a side-car instead of racers with smashing outfits that matched. So I would be safe when having a seizure. Sitting next to him with our little dog aside me, with his ears flapping in the wind, and me catching drops of drool comming from his everlasting happy face, with the biggest smile.

That seemed so out of reach at that time, that I almost spoke those words as a prayer, full of hopes and wanted believes.

Few years later, I’m still here, and mentally stronger than ever, making one of those hopes and dreams a reality. So we bought a side-car, a beautiful golden oldie, carrying a lifetime of history and stories on it.

This year we are gonna ride it, and enjoy the happyness it gives us, together with this piece of rough and marked steel. This is another moment I count my blessings in granting me a time of stable health, checking off another item of my bucket list.

Dante and Angel


ot and sien


My nephew and niece, children of my sister. They are my little Ot and Sien. Those are the 2 main characters of a Dutch children book written in 1911, with beautiful drawings of Cornelis Jetses. It was one of my favourite bedtime stories, where my father had to countlessly show me the pictures the story hold. The 2 children had all sorts of ordinary day to day experiences, but to them, the most exiting adventures of course.

And that is how I look at my niece and nephew. Everything they encounter is a story by itself. And they are, for now at least, so loving and caring for each other. Sure, they smash their brains out of each other from time to time, making their mothers head look something like a balloon, because her lips are pressed to keep the steam from exploding. But as an aunt, I see only the good stuff.

So to me they are my two characters of Ot and Sien.


Princess Leia


grass spike



During summer, there is a massive growth of grass spikes. Even as a child I hated the sharp stinging feeling they gave when they got stuck on my sweater. So I can only imagine what it must feel like when they pierce through the skin. That is what happens when those grass spikes get stuck between the toes of a dog, or up his nose, or, what happens most frequently with a Cocker Spaniel, in his ears.

One particular summer, Kuzco visited the vet 3 times in one week, where one grass spike almost pierced through his eardrum. That’s when we decided to cut the toes of a sock to make a tight head sleeve, and put it over Kuzco’s head to hide his ears. And it works beautifully.


princess Leia


Except every summer when we put the sock on for the first time, he really is pissed off. All his dog friends come up to him and sniff with great lengths of time on his weird looking ears. I even think his is being laughed at sometimes, and I also believe that some friends even try to help him get free of it. But after being monitory once or twice, Kuzco accepts the head sleeve like it’s his collar.

But sometimes, we can’t help ourselves at laughing too. Because with the light skin coloured sock I always use, he looks exactly like Princess Leia from Star Wars. So when I put the sock on, and call him my little Leia, he gives an angry stare. But when I say it with a baby talk voice, he really is offended by it, and then I get the Annnngggrrrrry stare, like this one.

Little window

looking up

‘That could be the right spot, I think. It’s way up high, just like heaven is supposed to be. And that’s where I need to be.’

Jools looked at a chair by the window stacked with pillows.

‘Maybe Spooky is home, and he can come play with me. I miss him so much.’

She climbed the mountain of pillows, and nestled a nice spot where she could sit and watch the sky.

princess and the pea

I don’t get it, where are the little windows you are supposed to see. The sky is clear blue, and the sun is shining, why don’t I see?’

She waited a long while, and still no windows. She dozed off in the warmth of the sunlight, and when Benjamin was looking for her, she woke up.

‘What are you doing all the way up there Jools? Didn’t you hear dinner was served?’ Benjamin pushed the wooden staircase near the chair to climb all the way to Jools. ‘Aren’t you hungry then?’


‘I am staying here. I’m watching the sky to search for Spooky’s window. When I know which window he lives in, then we can see each other again, and maybe play.’

She waited, and watched, waited and watched.

And when the sky turned black she finally saw the little windows. ‘There are so many, which one is Spooky’s?’

She gazed at all the stars, one even brighter than the other, but she couldn’t find Spooky. She felt tears coming up. Would she really never ever see Spooky again?

But then something happened. One of the brightest little window opened. There he was! Spooky was really in heaven, and owned his own little window.

star in heaven

‘Spooky! I missed you so much! It’s been so long since we played and cuddled. Can you come out and play with me?’

Spooky smiled. ‘I can only come and play with you when you are fast asleep. Then, in your dreams, we can do anything you want. But for now, I can be with you, by looking through our little windows.

When you miss me, just look at my window, and when I’m not busy, I will come and open the window, so we can talk.’

Jools was so happy she finally got to speak to Spooky. But now she really wanted to go to sleep, so she could run, and play, and cuddle with him in her dreams.

Just like they used to.

Abbey Road




Sitting in the park, slightly intoxicated by company, the summer breeze and maybe a little drop of wine to many. I couldn’t resist putting a lost feather, heavily polluted by nature as well as undoubtedly its users, stuck under my nose. And with a Pepé le Pew kind of French accent, and my arm flexing like a circus guy wearing a tiger skin and curled moustache, I said, ‘Rrrraymón, meek a peektsjure of my moooostache.’

Sure, in hind side this grosses me out as well, but at the time I believed it was terribly funny, and necessary, seeing I made a great annoyance of myself to Ramon, since I mastered the Olympia pose to a standard on everywhere we’d go. E-ve-ry-where. But instead of laughing at my little one man show, his eyebrows went up in his hair, slowly made the camera ready for action, and while he shoot, he vehemently expressed ‘That is just disgusting Joyce Kleine!!’


So it won’t be any surprise, when I tell you that my imagination can get the better of me sometimes. So when I looked at the geese walking in line in front of us, I couldn’t help but laughing. It was the Abbey Road cover of the Beatles. Apparently my imagination isn’t for everybody to see, because Ramon just shook his head smiling, and went of playing fetch with Kuzco. But I had to capture it on paper, so I would have my own Abbey road of the Geeseles.

Catterpillow aka Benjamin



it's a bird

Benjamin looked up at the sky, and didn’t believe his eyes. Was it a bird, was it a plane? No, it was Jaap wearing a red large tissue. And not far behind him, was Kuzco looking rather dashing wearing glasses.

‘Why is Jaap flying and why is there a tissue on his back?’ Benjamin asked Kuzco who looked real focused at Jaap’s landing.

‘No, you stupid, that is his cape, I have one as well you see? We are superheroes, we do super important stuff. Jaap is the one who can fly, so our range to spot someone in distress is zero point one percent Joyce told me. And that sounds huge!!! So we are on the lookout. Jaap’s tail isn’t moving yet so no help is needed at the moment.’

‘Wow, how do you know all that?’ Ben asked.
‘Because I am Intellidog, I know stuff like that.’

‘I want to be a superhero too.’ Benjamin moaned, ‘how do I become one?’
Kuzco gave him his book. ‘You must read this, then you’ll know.’
But Benjamin couldn’t read, so he asked Joyce.

‘What will my name be?’ Ben asked eagerly.


Catterpillow, and Mousy’s name will be Victorinox.’

‘What is my talent Joyce?’

‘You seem to be like a pillow sometimes. It can hit and be hit by anything without doing any real damage. It moulds as needed. And nothing gets through. Yep, I think those talents work perfectly for a superhero. Mousy will be your cunning sidekick. With all his leggies he has multiple tools at hand. So use him well.’

Benjamin cuddled Mousy, he was so happy he could be a cool superhero too, just like Kuzco. He couldn’t wait to activate his talent, and bedazzle Jools.

Park bench

walk through the park

I love to walk through the park, especially on warm sunny days, when Ramon joins me and Kuzco to just relax on a bench, play fetch, and sip on a nice glass of wine. We always end up at the same bench. I really don’t know why, because it isn’t something we discuss beforehand. And it certainly isn’t because the bench has such a nice comfy seat, it actually hurts your butt in less than 5 minutes, where you go from one sore cheek to the other, and back again.

But now I think of it, it’s probably because the warm sun and wind is partially filtered through some trees, but just enough to also get a little colour on the skin. People walk by, but just enough to not feel like an animal in the zoo, and you can get tipsy and laugh really hard about it, and do silly things to make Ramon smile, without to many people bothering with it. And while that’s going on, Kuzco can lie under a tree. A tree far far away from us, to occasionally role with his eyes of shame and annoyance, chewing on his ball, wondering why nobody gets off his bum to go play with him.


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