When Malha was three months and bit old, she woke up with a cherry eye. Simply put, it’s a disorder of the third eyelid, where the gland pops out of its pocket due to too much space. At least, that was I was told.

At first, it scared the hell out of me. She was still so tiny, and it looked so painful. Like an eye infection gone terribly wrong…. Overnight… ( vision me with the Home-Alone expression )

So naturally, the moment I woke up and saw her pretty little sad face, I went to see the vet.



A cherry eye, he explained. It doesn’t cause her any pain, it just don’t look nice. Most likely it will have to be surgically put back, but not for now, since she is too young. And with skilled hands he massaged it back, but it caused terrible stress and pain on Malha. But she did great. I was so proud of her, and it was nice to see her eye being normal again.



He warned us that it could come back, but with a little luck, it would stay put.



But it turned out we were not so lucky. The very next day, after a good night’s sleep, it was back again ( vision me with the Home-Alone expression again).



I was told, we probably should let it rest for some while, and when she is grown a little bigger, we could try to massage it back again. Maybe her skin would be tighter to let it stay put.

At five months old, she has grown so fast, why not try now? So we went to the vet again this week. She really has grown fast, and she is such a wonderful little puppy.



If we would have visit consultation office, they would have been proud on the progress she makes.



But the assistant vet told us if we would try again, it would only cause more stress on Malha, and it would be imminent to return again. She used a great metaphor, of a ball pushed under water…it is bound to pop up again. When she made that metaphor, we were both convinced to let it be for now. We will just wait until she is strong and big enough to undergo the procedure, provided off course, that she doesn’t experience any complications sooner.



But as long as she doesn’t give the implication she’s suffering under this ailment, we let her be her bouncy, wonderful, sweet self, with one lumpy eye.