I always baked muffins when new neighbours joined our apartment building, hoping for more interaction between us neighbours. I was so sick and tired of people not even say hello when passing up the stairway. And when I had fallen from the stairs due to a seizure, one neighbour even shut the door when she was curious enough to look what made that noise, but didn’t bother to lend a hand.

For a while it seemed to work. Neighbours greeted me and each other, and even knew who was living in which apartment. Until a new couple came living next to us, and seriously the strangest things were asked, and I even got involved in a nasty family dispute, where Muslim papa and friends came to kill his daughter for shaming him by marrying a Hinduism guy. Thank God they were stopped in time by the police.

After that horrible experience I was done baking muffins.

As a welcoming gift that is…

For new neighbours…

Because I love muffins…


The funniest thing is, that I never baked muffins for my neighbour downstairs. But somehow we got together being the greatest neighbours to each other. We have each other’s house key, we water each other’s plants when away, and walk each other’s dog when needed. We drink cups of tea at each other’s home, and sometimes we go to the beach and the park together, to walk the dogs. But the best talks are held at the staircase. And today we had one of those wonderful substantive talks. This time it was me who got an enlightenment. When we said goodbye to each other, we laughed about us standing in the hallway instead of sitting on the couch having our talk over a cup of tea. I felt so happy. It was like I needed this talk right then and there.

Next time I will bake her some muffins.

Or do I jinx it then….

I just bake an apple pie. Problem solved.